Some People Think Parents Should Supervise Their Children’s Activities

Some people think parents should supervise their children’s activities, while others believe children should be free to do what they want in their free time. Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Sample 1 Some People Think Parents Should Supervise Their Children’s Activities

It has been suggested that parents must monitor their juvenile’s actions, while others consider that they must be left free to do whatever they want to do in their free time. In my perspective, keeping an eagle’s eye on the children’s activities will not let them deviate from their studies, as parents provide them safe ambience.

First off, if guardians supervise the activities of their children, it is good for their overall growth. Nippers cannot deviate from their study path, such as spending a lot of time watching television, using the internet, playing more and studying less. Therefore, constant monitoring of parents makes their children aware of their study goals, and they can help them to attain them; resultantly, their children will not distract from their studies; instead, they will be more focused on their studies.

In addition, parents can provide their children with a safe ambience. They don’t let their children do such kinds of things which can be harmful to them. In the past, children were involved more in electronic games such as blue whales and many others, which had taken the lives of children. So if parents watch the actions of the children, then they can make them alert and keep them safe.

On the other hand, if nippers are allowed to do according to their wish in their extra time, it will help parents identify their natural talent and develop confidence in them. To explicate it, parents’ eyes on their wards assist them in recognising their hidden talent, and guardians can help them polish their skills in artwork or any constructional work. Therefore, children can make their future bright by setting goals, and they will try to achieve them. What’s more, their other abilities will also improve, namely special, curiosity and resilience and to name but a few. Thus, letting them be free to do whatever they want is more beneficial for their overall growth and development.

To conclude, it is apparent that supervision of parents regarding the children’s actions helps remind them about the study aims. Moreover, allowing them the freedom to do anything can be helpful to recognise their talent, and parents can nurture their skills to make them successful.

Sample 2 Some People Think Parents Should Supervise Their Children’s Activities

Nowadays, children are way smarter than their parents because of the help of technology, so keeping an eye on children’s activities is difficult for the parents, and with this, the development of children impact somehow. So, the parent has to take care of their children with covered all aspects and still raise a good child. Further, I am going to explain both views.

Some thought that keeping an eye on children’s daily routine is good for them and for their parents, but nowadays they are smarter and have all the knowledge and all this knowledge available on the internet, so they learn a lot of new things over there. So, parents must take care of what they are watching on the internet and set a timetable for them to use it. Parents have knowledge about their friends and where they are going, so they do not worry about them.

Meanwhile, if some parents do not want to watch the children’s activities, then they must spend some time with them to get to know them better, and children also must share everything with the family to gain the trust of their parents. With this, parents allow them to freely do what they want to do without any restrictions. Nowadays, parents do not have much time for their children, but if they want their children to become good people, they must teach a good lesson in life and, with their children’s help, can become free.

In conclusion, both children and parents have to gain each other trust and not lie to each other and with this, lives become easy for both.

Sample 3 Some People Think Parents Should Supervise Their Children’s Activities

Some people support the opinion that children’s activities should be monitored while rest raising their hands to free up children in their leisure time. We will discuss both perspectives in detail in the following paragraphs though I stand on the first view.

Thanks to technology, children are exploited in a handful of violent and unpleasant environments through social media and the like. This instant attraction pulls them towards it, further dampening their career growth. For instance, watching television content that is unsuitable for their age may infuse behavioural changes. As a result, who knows? They may indulge in heinous crimes without even realising the impact followed by their actions. Hence, it is always good for parents to keep an eye on children’s actions.

Having said that, a few advantages exist too when children are not under their parent’s supervision. They may not feel restricted, which can open spaces for creativity and bring them into a more responsible individual. In addition, their maturity also advances by learning from failures they have undergone. To give a clear example, a survey conducted in one of the top universities in Philadelphia revealed that children who were set free by their parents in their early days had chosen advanced careers. At the same time, the contrast side just got placed in normal jobs.

In conclusion, I recommend only parents’ supervision. Though there are merits attached to children’s set free belief, those help to shape the child; however, if there is a lack of parental supervision, that may roll out a carpet to unbridled unusual happenings. Incidents that create harm needs more focus at the end of the day.

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