Automatic Photo Booth Academic Writing

Automatic Photo Booth Academic Writing Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features and make comparisons where relevant. Write at least 150 words.

Automatic Photo Booth Academic Writing

Sample Answer of Automatic Photo Booth Academic Writing

The provided diagram demonstrates the automatic photo booth wisdom as well as its features and steps for taking a photo.

Overall, there are three basic steps required for taking photos, set requirements of photocopies, set up for taking a pic and last get copies, for taking automatically photo coins is primarily requirements.

In the first step, the coin is pivotal for entry, one side of the booth there is a mechanism where we need to put the coin first for the further process later, set up photocopies size, there are 2 options available either 1 large copy or passport size 4 photos. Below that colour or photos option, we can choose colour print or black and white, however, for passport size copies black and white colour options is not available, colour print is required for that.

In the second steps, another side of the booth, one adjustable stool for seating. Opposite view side there was a mirror on the top side for view before taking pictures, bottom side of mirror and eye level upper side it has light signal, we need to wait for 3 sec after the light signal. Eye-level is below it. For good picture must be close side doors, it is also used to tackle bright lights. Finally, in the last steps after taking photos we can receive photo within 1 minute.

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