Describe a Photo of Yourself That You Like

Describe a photo of yourself that you like, or you have taken.

You should say :
When was it taken?
Where was it taken?
Who took it? Or how you took it?
Explain how you felt about the photo.

Sample Answer of Describe a photo of yourself that you like

A photo that I have taken would be of a sea horse when I went diving. It was the first time that I got to see a sea horse as they are known to be only in shallow tropical salt waters. I had visited Bali Island for a short vacation. That’s the time I came to know about diving lessons.

Usually, there aren’t any such activities as it’s not been long since the resort I stayed at was in operation. It was my first diving experience as well. So it was memorable that I got to see a sea horse in my first diving experience itself.


Describe a Time When You Had to Wait in a Long Queue/line.

I could take the snap only because I was wearing the underwater helmet that day. It happened to run into a tiny sea horse colony; it changed color to a coral brown color on seeing us and was trying to hide amongst the underwater reefs, and the color transition can be seen in my snaps. I liked them as they are so small and cute at the same time.

The best part is that I could also sight a male sea horse giving birth. Even though we know of them like creatures that can change into both genders, it is a sight to behold. Some of the sea horses are really unique and as big as 25 centimeters. All thanks to our expert guide who could show us some of the best spots in the running into them.

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