Children Are Facing More Pressures Nowadays from Academic, Social and Commercial Perspectives

Children Are Facing More Pressures Nowadays from Academic, Social and Commercial Perspectives. What Are the Causes of These Pressures, and What Measures Should Be Taken to Reduce These Pressures?

It is a fact that nowadays, nutrients are from educational, Commercial and social points of view. There are several reasons for such situations and a few visible influences. These aspects are explained in the ensuing paragraphs.

To embark on due to the competition era, parents are worried about the future of their children. So they keep engaging their child in various activities. , but all these, they did not notice the freedom of their little one. Firstly, if we consider education, there is currently a considerable comparison done by their guardians. Hence, pressure to study makes children demotivate. Exams for entrance to colleges create pressure on students. Therefore, sometimes they forget to smile or to be happy. As a solution, there should not be an overload of studies and pressure to do specific work. Let children allow to do it by themselves and allow to take decisions independently.

In terms of social and commercial, many children are shy to communicate with others, while others are smart to converse with their close ones. Every person has different characteristics and perceptions, but people cannot judge them by comparing them with another child. So, Comparison always makes demotivating, and it affects on growth of the youngster. People should note that it doesn’t force children to act commercially. Firstly make them understand how to behave socially and communicate with them.

In conclusion, Nowadays, competition between students has increased And forcing children to take academic subjects creates pressure on children. However, it can be addressed through educating children and parents.

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