Some People Think that Enjoying the Present Is More Important than Planning for The Future

Some people think that enjoying the present is more important than planning for the future for both countries and individuals. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Nowadays, the world has changed day by day, and it happens almost everywhere. Some people think that enjoying the moment that is happening now is essential compared to planning about the future early. At the same time, other people claim that it is crucial to prepare for the future as soon as possible. I agree with the last argument. From my point of view, by thinking about the future, we will be careful of each decision or either plan that we will make to reduce dissatisfaction the next day.

First, thinking carefully about the future is a great idea to change the current situation. People who plan their lives tend to have a quality of life much better due to their time management. For instance, people who prepare for a career path 5 to 10 years later would be more diligent and spend their time wisely in order to reach their goals. They do not even think about wasting their time and being lazy at the same time.

Furthermore, people who prepare for the future will always think about the probability as well, both good and bad. Moreover, they will learn how to deal with unexpected answers. So, they always have plan B and plan C if they cannot reach their goals. Future plans are necessary for people, even countries. As we know, everything is always developing, so we must think about the worst possible way to keep continuing our life and protect civilization from anxiety and depression.

Finally, when we have time to think about our future and plans, we have more moments to rest without concerns and hardships. Therefore, having control over decisions in advance may be a way not only to organize schedules but also to manage routines.

To sum up, although enjoying the moment is important, thinking about the future is more advisable. Thus, organization, thinking in advance, and planning more than one option for both individuals and society is a good way to manage complications on the other day.

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