Compare High School Learning and College University Learning

Compare high school learning and college university learning speaking cue card with answer

Sample Answer: Compare High School Learning and College University Learning

High school is required and less costly, whereas college is voluntary and generally costly 💸. In high school, teachers and parents usually structure your time, but in college, you must learn to manage your own time ⏳.

In high school, you get homework which is checked by the teachers, whereas in college, you are given assignments, and it is assumed that you have done your work 📚.

In high school, teachers approach you and offer extra help if you need it, but in college, professors are willing to help you, but you have to approach them first 🤝. School teachers follow the textbook by the letter, but in college, a professor may not follow any textbook by the letter 📖➡️📚.

The teacher-student ratio is usually less in school, but in college, it is variable 👩‍🏫➡️👨‍🎓. In school, effort counts, but in college, results count 🏅. Regular parent contact is there in school, but it is not so in college 🏠➡️🚫.

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