Compare two buildings of your Home town

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Compare two buildings of your Home town IELTS speaking cue card with the answer

There are many buildings in my home town but the two I‟m going to compare are Kunal Mall and Ansal Plaza. The reason why I have chosen these two is that both are my favorite places to visit and do shopping. Both are modern shopping malls built with up-to-date technology.

kunal Mall is situated in the heart of the city and Ansal Plaza is in the suburbs. Ansal Plaza is four times as spacious as Kunal Mall and is on the National highway. Kunal Mall has three stories whereas Ansal Plaza has four stories.  Kunal Mall has a small parking space for about 20-30 cars whereas Ansal Plaza has huge parking in the basement that can hold more than 100 cars. Kunal Mall has a capsule lift whereas Ansal Plaza has escalators and 4 lifts.

Kunal Mall has a restaurant in the basement called Deg chi where as Ansal Plaza has 3-4 food courts including M Donald which is my favorite place to eat out. Kunal Mall‟s owners belong to Phagwara where as Ansal Plaza is a joint venture of some businessmen of Delhi and has many branches in India.

Kunal Mall is frequented by locals of Phagwara but Ansal Plaza being on the highway is flocked by countless hordes of people. It also has many branded stores like Reebok and Nike. For my day to day shopping I go to Kunal Mall as it is very close to where I live but when I want to indulge myself I prefer to go to Ansal Plaza.

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