Describe a person you have seen who is beautiful or handsome

Describe a person you have seen who is beautiful or handsome

You should say:

  • Who is he/she

  • how do you know him/ her

  • why do you think he/she handsome or beautiful

Sample  1:-

Well, I have met with a plethora of beautiful ladies as well as handsome gentlemen. But  I like one woman from them, I admire her beauty as well as her good personality. I explain about her briefly.

Her name is Manpreet Kaur. She is my aunt. She is very attractive because of her beauty. She is tall, fair complexion with black hair. She maintains her beauty and looking stunning.  Every type of dress suits her because she is a slim lady.

Moreover, she is a well-educated human being. She is doing a job of a lecturer in a well-reputed college in my home town. She is very honest about her employment. From morning to night, She does everything for the goodness of her family. Apart from it, she teaches to poverty-stricken students in the evening every day. She does if free for poor learners.

Furthermore, she donates money in schools for the help of intelligent and poor juveniles. Besides it, all her activities attract others as well as myself so much such as her way of talking, sense of humor, politeness, creativity and so on.

All in all, she is the backbone of her family who has attached to all family members. I met with her During a marriage function at my house. She came to my home with his family to attend the wedding party of my cousin’s marriage. She impresses me whenever I meet her. She is also chit-chat with me on facebook. I like her very much and wish to be like her.

Sample 2:-

Well! beauty is not always on a face. A person is beautiful if he or she does not have negative thoughts in the mind or heart. But in today’s era, people judge the person from the face, not from their heart. Beauty is a beautiful creation of God. Some people very beautiful from their faces and some from their work and thinking. Here, I would like to talk about a girl which I have seen is very beautiful.

Furthermore, she is 15 years old. Her name is Avneet. She is studying in 10th class. When she talks with me and call me Sis, she looks adorable and cute. I have no words to express. She is not only beautiful from her face but also her thinking, studying ability, heart, behavior all are appreciable. She is kind-hearted as well as of helping nature. She respects elders and believes in hard work.

Moreover, I met her last year when I went to my neighbor house. She is from their relatives. When she enters in room, she said to me, hello and I ask her name and her again to me. We talked a lot with each other. From that day, she becomes very close to me and often comes to me whenever she meets their relatives. In addition, she is a talkative girl. While talking, she uses her hands or does actions as she looks beautiful. I also call her an innocent girl but I think she is a natural beauty. I always wish that God bless her.


Question: Is it to easily become beautiful?

Answer: According to me, internal beauty is more important to external beauty but, I also respect of external beauty. Nowadays everyone does something to increase the beauty and it is not an easy task. If I tell about physical beauty, it is very important and people do some light physical exercises but also manage the balanced diet chart.

Question: The disadvantages of being beautiful?

Answer: There are a number of demerits of being beautiful like as: sometimes a beautiful person feels uncomfortable when someone sees in a dirty way and misbehave with him or her as well as, beautiful people always received unwanted attention from the opposite gender. Many times folks judge the ability to see the beauty and, beautiful humans do more and more hard work to represent their talents and many other things.

Question: Should clothes selling companies hire beautiful models? why?

Answer: Nowadays, everyone wants to look pretty and beautiful and clothes selling companies can hire beautiful models and shoot some pictures and advertisements, when people watch and see the posters and advertisements, they attract from advertisements as well as, buy more and more products. The selling rate of companies grow up fastly and companies get high-level profit so, they should hire some models.

Question: Do you think beautiful appearance is important?

Answer: In the modern era, beautiful appearance is necessary because many sots of jobs required a presentable appearance. It is very good and, they can be maintained by dressing well and a good way. For example, air hostels job is wonderful and air hostels department always hire good looking girls and handsome boys all workers wear good dresses and maintain the body as well as, develop good manners so on.



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