Cue Card : Talk About a Piece of Equipment You Use at Home


Cue Card : Talk About a Piece of Equipment You Use at Home; Please say

  • What is it?
  • When and where did you buy it?
  • How often do you or your family members use it?
  • And explain why you think it is useful.

Sample Answer of Cue Card: Talk About a Piece of Equipment You Use at Home

In this tech-savvy era, technological equipment is part of our body—it aids in completing tasks sufficiently and more effectively. To be brutally honest, I don’t have a lot of equipment at home; thus, it is the back of my hand to pick one. Today I would like to talk about the equipment which we use on a daily basis. Its tea maker machine.

If my mind train station is right then when I was in 12 standards my father bought it. They brought this machine online; that time was running Christmas on Amazon site so, he also got the healthy discount. We got ut on slashed price.

My family is a tea lover, usage of this machine start with early in the morning by me. Later as per requirement, other members of my family also used it. The number of total usage per day is not certain, although we use nearly 7 to 8 times per day.

The tea maker is useful for use in many ways. We get tea fastly and as per taste. It also saves our time because my mom and father have a job; thus, making tea by themselves is time-consuming.

Follow-ups Questions Cue Card: Talk About a Piece of Equipment You Use at Home

Question 1:- What other useful equipment do you have and use at home?

As I mentioned earlier, we don’t have too much equipment daily; however, we have a vacuum cleaner. We use it for a clean house, and we can do this work quickly in the blink of an eye than doing it by hand.

Question 2:- Do you think the younger generation is more comfortable with modern equipment than older people? Why?

Definitely yes, I believe that young people easily learn cutting-edge equipment compared to golden-ager; thus, they feel more comfortable. However, older people can use it, and a host is beneficial for them after use it.

Question 3:- Nowadays, many factories use automatic machines and equipment instead of manual labor. Why do you think it is?

In my opinion, the primary reason is that productivity, the manufacturing company can produce more things with automatic machines than labor work. In this way, they get work more fastly and with a lower rate or zero mistakes.

Question 4:- Do you believe that robots will replace people in the near future?

Without any doubt, as per a myriad of predictions, robots will take the place of manual workers, especially in a field where risk is high, such as in an industrial place. Moreover, it already started, for instance, in the USA and other developed countries, robots are working as shoppers in many shops.

Question 5:- Where will people be replaced by robots completely, in your opinion?

There is no specific time, but I guess it will be replaced after a successful trial. Furthermore, I guess after a decade, there will be a high chance.

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