Daily Routines: IELTS Speaking Part 1 Latest Questions With Answers

Daily Routines: IELTS Speaking Part 1 Latest Questions With Answers. These are the IELTS Speaking Part 1 Topics and Questions on general topics about your life. Your answers will be from your life and experience.

Daily Routines: IELTS Speaking Part 1 Latest Questions With Answers

Question 1:- What do you normally do in the morning?

Answer 1:- In the morning, I wake up, exercise and meditation with my brother, and then take a bath. After that, I have breakfast with my family.

Answer 2:- Well, I get up early, around 5 o’clock, and walk in the park for a morning walk. After that, I take my bath, eat my meals and start my studies.

Question 2:- Do you prefer the morning or the evening?

Answer 1:- I always pray in the morning as compared to the evening time because, in the morning, I have a lot of time to do whatever I want. For example, if I want to meditate, then the morning is the best time.

Answer 2:- I prefer the morning. Mornings are fresh, and I feel energetic, motivated, and ambitious for the day.

Question 3:- What is your breakfast routine?

Answer 1:- I eat breakfast every day in the morning at 7 o’clock with my family, which is a break from my mother. Usually, I always drink a cup of milk, and some eat biscuits.

Answer 2:- I am regularly taking breakfast at the same time. I take some healthy breakfast foods daily, such as bread, toast and so on.

Question 4:- Is exercise part of your daily routine?

Answer 1:- Yes, exercise is part of my daily routine. I always like to do different types of exercise in the morning at 5 o’clock, so as running, weight lifting, and a lot more.

Answer 2:- Yes, I do several exercises in the morning. It is helpful to concentrate on my work and feel healthier.

Question 5:- Is your routine similar every day?

Answer 1:- My daily routine is similar to my weekdays, but on weekends, I like to follow different routines because on weekends, I have a lot of free time, and I have a holiday in my office, so I like to sleep more on my weekends.

Answer 2:- Certainly, I follow my routine regularly, but for some circumstances, reason sometimes skips my routine.

Question 6:- What do you normally do for lunch?

Answer 1:- I usually prefer to eat as many vegetables as possible for my lunch, and I also love to drink buttermilk during lunchtime.

Answer 2:- Generally, I take simple food for lunch, such as different green vegetables and butter roti.

Question 7:- What do you like doing after work/school?

Answer 1:- After work, I like to do many things, such as going out with my friends and spending some time playing sports or sometimes casually talking with each other about our goals and other ring families’ issues.

Answer 2:- I like to spend time with my friends and go to playing games after completing school or work.

Question 8:- How much time do you spend relaxing every day?

Answer 1:- It’s not the same every day, but yes, of course, I spend a minimum of 30 minutes to 1 hour for myself to relax, and every day, I think I spend 30 minutes every day doing meditation, and it is a great time to relax.

Answer 2:- I spend almost one to two hours relaxing. At that time, I watch different comedy videos and TV serials and listening music.

Question 9:- What do you like doing at weekends?

Answer 1:- Most of the weekend, I like to sleep much more than 8 hours up to 10 hours, and after that, I like to go out to watch a movie with my friends or sometimes also I go out with my family to take dinner or lunch outside in a restaurant.

Answer 2:- I feel relaxed at weekends, so sometimes I go for an outing with my family or friends. Apart from that, sometimes I go to the theatre to watch new movies at weekends.

Question 10:- Do you have enough free time?

Answer 1:- No, I don’t have any free time on Big days because I am working in a private company and I have to spend a minimum of 9 hours at the office after that two over for travelling so I only want to do over for myself.

Answer 2:- It is hard to say because I am a student and have a scheduled routine, but I have enough leisure time on weekends.

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