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ieltsfever cue card example January to April 2017 Describe a bicycle/motorbike/car trip

ieltsfever cue card example January to April 2017 Describe a bicycle/motorbike/car trip

Describe a bicycle/motorbike/car trip that is interesting

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Sample Number 1

Although I belong to a nuclear family which has consisted of 5 members, my father, my mother, my two siblings and myself. All the members of our family are busier in their work as well as studies.

Even though, I have completed my studies from a reputed university MRSST University Bathinda with good percentage. So, I have some free time to enjoy myself.

Though by the grace of God, my friends have decided to go on a car trip to visit Taj Mahal which is one of the seven wonders of the world because I was never gone on a car trip in my whole life.

Luckily, my parents have permitted me to go with my friends. Our trip will be started next Sunday. We have borrowed a seven-seater car from my uncle.

Certainly, because of my studies, I had a great burden on my mind but now I have free time to enjoy as well as, a car trip is a safe trip. So, we will go to see Taj Mahal by car.

Interestingly, Taj Mahal is situated in Agra on the back of the Jamuna river. It has made of white marble. This building was constructed by Mughal Empire Shah Jahan after the death of his beloved Mumtaz. Tourists from different parts of the world come to visit there. So, it is a part of tourist attraction.

Basically, Taj Mahal is a very stunning building and it looks like a pearl in the moonlight at night. There is a fountain in front of it where you can click pictures.

Apart from it, there is a lot of greenery around it such as there are four gardens in each corner of it.

Eventually, this trip will be a captivative car trip and full of enjoyment. We shall enjoy each and every moment of this trip.

Gradually by my perspective, trips, excursions, and other journeys work as a stress-buster for a human being as well as it gives peace to mind.

Sample Number 2

I have never been on any bicycle or motorbike trip

 So here I would like to talk about a car trip that I found really interesting

 Last year my cousin came from Canada and he wanted to see Rajasthan.

 My maternal aunt and uncle live in Jaipur

 So we decided to visit Jaipur in Rajasthan.

 It was too late for train reservation, as my cousin had come for two weeks only.

 My uncle has a Toyota Innova, which is a seven-seater car and so my father

borrowed it from him for a week.

 We were six members my father my mother my brother my cousin my uncle and I

 We started at 6 AM

 During our journey we halted at many places

 We first stopped at Murthal, where there is a famous Motel, Jamil Dhaba, where we

had our lunch

 Then we stopped at Delhi for tea.

 We had minor halts at one or two more places

 Finally we reached my aunt’s house by 7 PM

 She had prepared sumptuous dinner for us

 The next morning we went for sightseeing

 We saw many places such as the Hawa Mahal, City Palace, Amer fort, Maharani

Palace and so on

 The next day we went to Chokhi Dhani

 This place has been the mirror of Rajasthani culture since 1989

 We learned a lot about Rajasthani culture over there

 Live dances and music performances went on throughout the evening

 Dinner was included in the entry ticket, and so we had dinner over there only

 The next day we did some shopping

 We enjoyed the hospitality of my aunt and uncle.

 We returned home after one week

 This road trip to Rajasthan will always hold pleasant memories for me.

Describe a bicycle/motorbike/car trip

Describe a bicycle/motorbike/car trip

Describe a bicycle/motorbike/car trip


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