Happiness Is Considered Very Important in Life. Why Is It Difficult to Define?

Happiness is considered very important in life. Why is it difficult to define? What factors are important in achieving happiness? You should give reasons for your answer using your own ideas and experience.

It has been observed that cheerfulness is an integral part of our life. However, it seems a herculean task to express it. Out of many reasons, the prominent one is that it is a state of mind. There are many factors that people can consider to obtain happiness, such as a positive outlook, pursuing one’s favourite activities.

To begin with, joy is difficult to define because it is a state of mind. To elaborate, people act differently to each other about a thing. It depends on their perception. Healthy minds always have a positive outlook for anything, which may be, in reality, is not their cup of tea. But with courage, confidence, they do not get depressed and always remain in a state of ecstasy. For instance, a glass that is filled with some water is considered half glass of water, but for others, it is full. Therefore, it depends on the perspective of the masses, how they perceive anything. Moreover, some masses are not emotionally balanced, so they get fail to express their contentment. They just can feel it and show it by wearing some kind gesture such as a smile.

On the other hand, there are many ways to get it. Firstly, developing a positive outlook can work wonders. If people think positive and avoid negativity; then, there are higher chances of getting success. A pessimistic outlook can make people only depressed, and they would not try to be satisfied with their lot. Resultantly, they will do overthinking, and this overthinking will become a root cause of their discontented life. To exemplify it, many people, after getting failed in any job interview or exam, stop doing efforts to obtain their goals. Hence, they make lame excuses and curse their destiny. At the same time, the others who do not quit and their continued efforts bring the reward for them in the end.

To conclude, thus, it is apparent that although it is hard to express happiness due to the perception of people who is widely different from each other, it can be achieved by inculcating optimism for anything, which may be hard to get. Continuous attempts make a person winner and fill his/her heart with everlasting joy.

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