Family Members and Friends Caring for Elderly People Find It Hard to Spend Enough

Family members and friends caring for elderly people find it hard to spend enough time looking after them. What are the causes of this problem? What solutions can you suggest?

Nowadays it is seen that youngsters do not have sufficient time to spend with their aged parents and to take care of them. There are many reasons, and there are also some solutions for this. Both the causes and solutions are discussed further in the ensuing paragraphs.

The foremost reason for this problem is the busy work schedule of the individuals. Nowadays due to high rate of expense people use to do a double job. There are many people who are not able to fulfil the basic needs of family members with only one job. To add to this, both husband and wife work. So they also do not get enough time to spend with each other. Sometimes it happens that due to busy schedule they feel tired. All these things become a huddle for them to spend time with the elderly.

One of the solutions for this problem is there can be divided work for both husband and wife. The work should be done by both of them. It should not be something only wives have to do, or only husbands have to do. Also, there can be a rule in the house that once a day, everyone sits together for the meal. They can spend holidays with family members. For example, on the day of Sunday, they can go for an outing. They all can play indoor games with each other.

To sum up, it can be said that every problem has a solution. So if due to busy work conditions they cannot spend time with each other there Are many alternatives for the same. So one just needs positive thinking to find some time for aged people.

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