Describe a City Where You Would Like to Stay for A Short Time

 Describe a city where you would like to stay for a short time

  • Where is the city?
  • Why do you want to go there?
  • Whom you will go there with?
  • What you will do there?
  • And explain why you will stay there.

Sample 1: Describe a City Where You Would Like to Stay for a Short Time

Well, I love to travel, and I traveled to many cities, and I found some cities are the very best to leave. For a long time but here I would like to talk about one of the cities where I would like to stay for a short period of time. Actually, I live in Mehsana City, and it is a really big city and also a well-developed city.

I would like to stay in Gandhi Nagar City for a short period of time. Actually, I work in Gandhi Nagar, but usually, I always drop down South. My uncle is living in Gandhi Nagar City, so I would like to visit their home for one day, and I would like to stay for a short period of time.

I would like to go with my family for the enjoy purpose as it is a really big city and it also has a lot of. Pick gardens and well-developed roads and hospitals, schools, and colleges, and also it is a hub of electronic industries. So it is also free of pollution, and most people use electric vehicles in that place, and also it is the capital city of Gujarat.


So it is the very best city. And there are lots o airports and railway stations available in this series. And also like a lot of foods, different types of food variety available in their city.

So actually I would like to tell you one more thing. I would like to do a lot of enjoyment there with travel and exploring new places around the city, and I heard once from my friend. There is one. Akshardham temple is in most famous and also Mahatma Mandir. Mahatma Temple is also the most popular place to visit.

The museum is inside the exhibition hall. So I would like to visit that museum once in my life. And I would like to stay there because of. My colleague is living there, and I would like to stay with my uncle for a short period of time.

Sample 2:Describe a City Where You Would Like to Stay for  Short Time.

There are many cities I would love to visit in the near future, but there this particular city I will talk about is Cape Coast. It is a city in Ghana located at the Seaside in the central region.

It is a city which contains many tourist attractions and historical monuments such as the castle. has standard social amenities such as schools, markets, good roads, and others that make the city enjoyable.

Because of these available resources, I would like to stay there in the near future with my young brother to experience city life.

However, staying in the city is expensive though, but I will love to be due to the availability of social amenities and tourist sites.

Follow-Up Questions

Question 1. Why do people sometimes go to other cities or other countries to travel?

Answer 1:- People migrate to other cities or countries for many reasons. Firstly for educational purposes due absence of some specific educational institutions, others for greener pastures, and lastly lack of social amenities in their hometowns.

Answer 2:– There are many reasons behind travel to another city or a country by the people. The first and foremost result is that people like to travel and love to explore new things. The second one is that people also love to know about the other culture and also like to try different diseases which are not available in their own cities. That’s why they prefer to travel to other countries or cities. To familiar with. Other people know about their culture and try new items.

Question 2. Why are historical cities popular?

Answer 1:– Historical cities are famous due presence of exciting stories about them and the presence of historical monuments and buildings which attracts tourist from all over the world.

Answer 2:- They are more popular nowadays among people because of. Creativity and the architect of the different places. East Daily. Amazing. And that attracts more people and also increases their curiosity. Among the people. For example. The pyramids in Egypt. I really feel developed by ancient times. And. Nowadays, it is also a mystery how. Pyramid app build. Hey. Without any technology or machinery. And that’s why this type of curiosity. Increase the popularity of the historical places.

Question 3. Why do places with historical sites develop the tourism industry more actively?

Answer 1:- Because this place earns revenue from the tourist sites, the income is then used to invest in the tourist industry. Such development includes advertisement, renovation of tourist sites, and others.

Answer 2:- Places with historical sites develop more. Activity. In the tourism industry, because of. Nowadays, people have. Use the amount of income, they also have free time, they love to travel, and they love to spend their money too. The time traveling, so they visit different places by month or once a month. So that’s why the tourism industry is more active in historical sites. Just take one example. Taj Mahal. It is the most popular, and around 2000 people visit per day at this place.

Question 4. Do you think tourists may come across bad things in other cities?

Answer 1:- Yes, I do. Due to the higher population in the cities, the probability that bad people, such as the army and others, are present in such places is high. So believe that tourists may encounter bad things.

Answer 2:- Yes, of course, in my opinion, it happens because of India. In some cities, people behave very badly, and that can affect the tourist mood, for example, if someone visits. In India, from another country and if he met some people who? The key is not good in a mood. The transport industry, and then they decide or they make one image in their mind like Indian people are not good that can affect in this way.

Question 5. Do most people like planned traveling?

Answer 1:- Yes, they do. Most people plan and organize their travels due to the cost involved, accommodations, and even the appointment. Planning a trip makes it too more successful.

Answer 2:– No. Most people don’t like planet traveling because they love adventure and they also love it. Surprise. Just take the example of my family. In my family, no one can plan, plan, or advance if we have to go anywhere. We just make instant decisions about traveling and just. We arrived at the destination, and then we did whatever we wanted.

Question 6. Why is noise pollution worse in tourist cities than in other cities?

Answer 1:- There is an increase in noise in tourist cities due to the presence of a high population, most of them a tourist. However, because tourists are inquisitive, they talk a lot, ask questions, and enjoy themselves with music. These attractions result in worse noise pollution as compared to the cities without tourist sites.

Answer 2:– In tourist cities where a number of ancient players are. Statues were eggs. Many people like to travel to these places, and they use transportation as well. They use a lot of. Difference. Transport and its produce. Noise and also they use their own voice so it can also produce more pollution arising in other cities. There are limited. Tourist places. That’s why people are also limited so transport is limited so the noise pollution is less.

Question 7. Why do more and more people live in the city?

Answer 1:– Our cities are overpopulated due to the presence of social amenities such as schools, good internet services, schools, roads, hospitals, markets, and others, as well as the availability of jobs. These facilities lure people to migrate to the cities.

Answer 2:– Nowadays people like to live in a cities area rather than in a village area because of the advancement of technology available in cities area and a lot of different modern facilities like hospitals, schools and transportation systems available in the cities. Also, one more interesting. On top of that, the job opportunity much higher. Also, they provide huge amount of salaries because of the lot of industrialization.

Question 8. What are some factors that attract people to settle down in certain places?

Answer 1:– There are many factors that will encourage someone to live in a particular place; these include, firstly, the hospitality of the people, the custom and culture, and lastly, the presence of social amenities and jobs.

Answer 2:– There are many factors that attract people to settle in one certain place. First and foremost, that. The job. If they got a good job in that place, then they definitely like to stay in that place for a long time and the second one is that. Their neighbors. If they find good neighbors surrounding their serious IT, then they definitely love to settle their buttons. If they don’t have good jobs and not good neighbors and also they don’t have good facilities. Then they will definitely change their Place because people want relaxation.

Question 9. What are the differences between the young and old when choosing where to live?

Answer 1:– Well, mostly the young will always consider places for social amenities and job availability, while the aged will like to settle in a place where there is a peaceful environment and close relatives in order to get their help when needed.

Answer 2:– There is use difference between young and old people in choosing Vito to leave. Young people mostly look for. Job opportunity and. Old people choose a place where they. You can easily get a relaxing or query calm place where young people want to explore their life, and they also want to. Live the life. That’s why they choose a city.

Question 10. What do you prefer: state-of-the-art facilities with polluted air or rural areas with a healthy environment?

Answer 1:– I will like to live in a rural area with a healthy environment because my health matters to me more than everything. However, living in an urban place with air pollution will cause health problems such as pneumonia, asthma, and other respiratory diseases.

Answer 2:- I’ve always chosen healthy advancement in a rural area because, yes, that is true. In this, it is areas we can live a good life. Because of a lot of advanced facilities, but. For your health, a good environment is most necessary. We can travel if we want to go to the city area for work purposes, but I don’t like to stay for a long time in cities area

Question11. What are the advantages and disadvantages of living alone?

Answer 1:– Living alone is good, but it comes with risks too. However, some people prefer to live alone for privacy and lower cost of living too, but problems like lacking a companion in terms of emergency and feelings of insecurity living alone.

Answer 2:- There are many advantages and disadvantages if we choose to live alone. If I talk about advantages, then I can say. The expenses can reduce. Because we. Leave alone, so we just need to buy things for justice. You don’t need to buy for others, so living expenses can be reduced. The second one is that. We no one can disturb us like to. We can do whatever we like. And if I talk about the disadvantages, then I can say sometimes we feel lonely and very stressed then no one is available to supporters. So I think it is also not good for the people.

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