Describe a City You Think Is Very Interesting Speaking Cue Card

Describe a city you think is very interesting.

  • Where is it?
  • What is it famous for?
  • How do you know this city?
  • And explain why you think it is very interesting?.

Sample 1 Describe a City You Think Is Very Interesting Speaking Cue Card

Every city has its own charm where many people come to visit. Today I am going to talk about the city that is very interesting is Darjeeling.

Darjeeling is a small city having a population of less than 10,000, and it lies in the northeast part of the Himalayas. It comes under the state of West Bengal.

It is also known as the tourism sector, where many tourists come to visit every year. Darjeeling is famous for many places, just like tiger hill, where many people gather to see the sunrise in the early morning. There are also zoos where most of the wild animals have been kept, and it also has red panda over there were many people comes to see as I have heard that red panda is mostly found In rare case and most famous is toy train where you can enjoy a ride by looking mountains.


I have been living there since my birth, and I am connected to that so much that I enjoy every single time over there, especially in winter when the snowfalls.

Apart from this, there are many more interesting over there people of there are rely on tourism where they run their hotel in season and also people over there are very friendly and always ready to come in front in need of help there is also the house of Rabindra Nath Tagore where he used to stay during his college days, and he spent his last breath on the same house and after that the house was turned to the museum there is a lot of history and which makes that more interesting place to visit.

Sample 2 Describe a City You Think Is Very Interesting Speaking Cue Card

Auckland is the city I will talk of every time I am approached with such a question. This is a small city in New Zealand. A country in Europe blessed with islands and numerous historical places. There are a lot of tourist sites for travelers to have a look at when they visit the city, and this is one of a thing that brings more people to a particular city which this small city is blessed with.

I got to know about this city when I decided to travel and further my education overseas. I got the opportunity to enroll in one of the renowned universities in this country, so I decided to read a lot about this country, and that is how come I got to know about the city Auckland. And what really fascinates me now as I am in this country is that they are 13 hours far ahead of us, which is really surprising.

This city is interesting in my opinion because it is a country where criminal activities are very rare, and the people in the city know themselves and also loves themselves, and in the best of it, the people of the city loves visitors and gives very good hospitality to them when they visit.

Follow Up Questions Describe a City You Think Is Very Interesting Speaking Cue Card

Question 1:- Why do some people like to visit historic places?

Answer 1:- Well, many people come for their education purpose and research well others comes to spent time with their family.

Answer 2:- People like to visit historic places because they might have read, seen or heard many stories about such places which are really captivating and this entices them that they love to see it for themselves and that is how come they travel to such places to see for themselves and also have a feel of such places.

Question 2:- Why do people go to a modern city?

Answer 1:- Modern cities provide better facilities than the countryside like education hospitality job facilities, so most of the people come to have better facilities and full fill their desire and look for their family.

Answer 2:- Living in a modern city is the best thing in my opinion, and people go to such places since they are blessed with a very beautiful living over there. They have the opportunity to visit numerous tourist sites, go to parties, and also able to get whatever they want to purchase.

Question 3:- What are the problems caused by maintaining a historical city?

Answer 1:- The first problem comes to gathering funding to maintain a proper historical city, and also the crime rate should be zero because a lot of tourists come to visit the historical city.

Answer 2:- Keeping a city’s history has some problems, such as a decreased rate of emigration. For instance, if a city is known for war, people have less passion for traveling to such places, and it also reduces the revenue brought up for the country.

Question 4:- Do you think having too many tourists is a positive thing for historical attractions?

Answer 1:- There are advantages and disadvantages to tourist attractions in a historic place. Firstly tourism builds strong economic to the country by paying taxes and also gives a chance to earn money for the unemployment by providing part times jobs like a tourist guide and many more. If we talk about the disadvantage, then it also gives a high chance of crime where theft and supplies of the drug are most.

Answer 2:- Oh yes. When tourists’ numbers rise up, the number of funds obtained also rises, and this is a very good way for a country or even a city to obtain funds.

Question 5:- What can we do to stop visitors from damaging historical places?

Answer 1:- There are many ways firstly there should be high rate fine is any damage have been made others ways is keeping security guard or tourist guide where they can inform to the people who comes to visit the historical place.

Answer 2:- Tourists are seen damaging historical places should be sanctioned to pay a very large sum of money to reconstruct such places. And also, laws should be made to govern such acts, so people are well abreast with them and be cautioned against such acts.

Question 6:- Why do some young people like to live in cities?

Answer 1:- Cities provide lots of facilities where people can live in their way also having better job facilities and transportation, and also young people live to visit famous places which are most in cities.

Answer 2:- They feel the city is where you are able to get employed easily since many factories and companies are located in the cities.

Question 7:- Do most elderly people live in the city or in the countryside?

Answer 1:- Well, most of the elderly people like to live in the countryside as they believe going back to the countryside where they live in peace over there. For example, my own parents having a service of 40 years in cities, are currently in their home town where they are enjoying the fresh and organic air of the village.

Answer 2:- Elderly people usually like to live in the countryside since they usually hate to be hearing or being disturbed by too much noise, and the countryside is the place where there is less noise heard, so they usually like to be there instead.

Question 8:- Do you think well-developed tourism will have negative effects on local people?

Answer 1:- Well, I don’t think it will have a negative effect on local people nowadays all people are educated and try to help them in any format, and most of the local people rely on tourism by running their hotel and transport.

Answer 2:- It could have negativity on the local people in the sense that, when too many tourists visit our towns, it comes with lots of bad activities since many bad people also come with it and they are able to harm the local people in so many ways such as robbery, rape and all sorts of bad activities.

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