Describe a Part of A City or A Town You Enjoy Spending Time In Speaking Cue Card

Describe a part of a city or a town you enjoy spending time in

  • Where it is, what it is like,
  • What do you do there,
  • Why do you enjoy spending time there

Sample 1 Describe a Part of A City or A Town You Enjoy Spending Time In Speaking Cue Card

Part of the city I usually like to spend time in is the park and movie hall. From my childhood onwards I have liked nature. Hence I visit parks or zoos. During these visits, I may be alone as nobody is necessary to be with me. So I spend my alone time with nature. In the park, there is a water ride, which is very comforting to the mind and body.IN the part of the water ride through the lake, there are a lot of areas where a lot of different varieties of fish could be found. And there is a lot of stone-paved paths available to have a walk and clear mind if stressed. And they do have a lot of rest benches where we can feed a lot of birds visiting the park, which are very friendly. They come closer when the visitors feed food. On the other hand, I visit the film theatre when I am with my friends. We love watching movies as a group. We somehow find time and be free for the movie whenever one of us invites others for the movie. The money for the tickets and the popcorn will be shared among us. This has become a habit from childhood as we gather for at least a movie once every week. And that’s a moment of great joy.

Sample 2 Describe a Part of A City or A Town You Enjoy Spending Time In Speaking Cue Card

Well, I am a student. I have a busy schedule, so I don’t have enough time to visit any place in my hometown or out of my City. However, when I feel upset, tired and alone at that time, I prefer to spend time with my favourite place. Well, this place is located centre of my hometown. The name of the park is a spark. There are several plants, flower rights wings, jogging track spring riders, playground climber, and tubes are available for kids and adults. I went there when I left to walk on a jogging track like to sit on swings. I sat there with my friends and a lot of time. There is a whole sitting arrangement for people of all ages visiting the park. Valent is rusting Li. I like to spend time there because it is my favourite place since this is a very peaceful place when I go there I feel relaxed and burn free from my work and study. I quickly refresh my mind and boost my energy to enjoy the natural silly things with children.

Part 3 Questions Describe a Part of A City or A Town You Enjoy Spending Time In Speaking Cue Card

Question 1:- How do public places change in towns or cities?

Answer 1:- As a matter of fact, most spaces that were left free for children to play are now converted to shopping malls or other multi-national complexes. Thus the childhood of children is being wasted as they can never find a place to play, which cant be done as they grow older. And this leads to improper mental growth, which affects the entire society of the next generation.

Answer 2:- The primary motive behind creating a public place is to help the people in the towns and cities. When the choices and demands of people living and coming to the City change, public places have to change accordingly. For example, the youth in this contemporary approach use most of the internet because these public places have accessible Wi-Fi facilities.

Question 2:- What public places do old people usually go to?

Answer 1:- Old people usually go to public places like parks or zoos. During their youth, there were more parks or places to play; hence they find those places having their childhood memories and remember their time spent by playing with others.

Answer 2:- Well, older people understand the significance of mother nature in our lives that’s why they like to spend their leisure time in the arm of nature by going to places like park garden.

Question 3:- Why do young people like to go to public places?

Answer 1:- Young people visit public places in order to get a relaxation from the daily stress from their place of work or family. They also visit these places with their families as children love going to an outdoor picnic, which fills them with positive energy and will be physically and mentally free from all their worries and tension.

Answer 2:- You’d like too crowded places at public places they get a chance to meet and interact with people moreover they get an opportunity to make new friends because of these they give much preference to public places.

Question 4:- Will more people move to cities in the future?

Answer 1:- As the cities are in the stage of developing day by day, there is a much higher chance of people moving to cities. But, at the same time, because of the increasing pollution and unemployment, they may be forced to move away from cities. Hence it entirely depends on the future condition.

Answer 2:- Due to technological era technology help an individual make good earning from the rural area there for the trend of moving City will decline in future.

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