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Describe a Computer/phone Game You Enjoy Playing Since Your Childhood

Describe a Computer/phone Game You Enjoy Playing Since Your Childhood

Describe a computer/phone game you enjoy playing since your childhood
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Sample Answer of Describe a computer/phone game you enjoy playing since your childhood

Well games either played on the computer or outside are really entertaining and the game that I had been playing since my childhood on my phone really acted as infotainment. It is a Word Hunt game. In this game, I need to identify the meaning of the word, and sometimes the meaning is in disorder so I need to put it right.

I usually play this game whenever I have free time and I feel bored, then I play this game more. Besides, when my child has free time then we both play this game. I really enjoy playing it because it refreshes my mind and it develops problem-solving ability in me. Moreover, being a teacher, it is very helpful for me as when the students get tired from their study, I play this game in the classroom so that they can remove their monotony and learn new words that they can use in their routine while communicating with other people. In this way, they can utilize their time in an effective way.

What’s more, now and then, I play this game and set a score, and invite my friends to break the score. Eventually, the person who wins throws a party. So this is a good way to get together and enjoy the time. So this is the game that I usually play to fill my leisure time and it gives me immense happiness.

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1. What is the impact of teen addiction to games?

Well, teenagers when get addicted to playing games more on computers, can have a deleterious impact on their health and study. As they play more and face low vision, become couch potato while sitting for a long time at one place and they don’t take interest in their study resultantly they have poor performance in their class so this addiction ruins their life.
2. Should parents or teachers take necessary action to prevent children from playing games?

Yes, of course, they must do. Because their action can save the life of the child. Children kya hai metal life if they are guided well. Due to immaturity, they don’t understand the consequences of the things that they do. So they must be made understand and involved in constructive activities instead of spending a lot of time playing on the computer.

3. What do you think are the benefits of playing games?

Well, playing games on computers are beneficial as well as harmful for children if they play continuously and spend a lot of time. It benefits them to enhance their knowledge, developing problem-solving ability but simultaneously makes them obese, stubborn and they face weak eyesight.

4. Why have games been popular amongst teenagers in recent years?

Due to challenges as well as technology, the popularity of computer games is growing at an alarming rate. Every child wants to equip himself or herself with the latest technology and I think playing games make them aware of many things otherwise they get failed to grasp. Children set scores and invite their friends to beat them. So this spirit makes them play more games on the computer and they get popularity.

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