Describe a Couple Who Has a Happy Marriage.

Describe a couple who has a happy marriage.

Sample Answer:-

Well, I have met many couples who have been living a happy married life. So here I would like to talk about one of them. This couple is my uncle and aunt. I would like to describe them briefly.
This couple has been living nearby my home for the last 5 years. I believe that It is a Happy couple with full of happiness. I like this couple for some reasons.

describe a couple who has a married lifeFirst of all, my maternal uncle and aunt help each other in every difficult situation. They both stand for each other as strong support for both of them.

Whenever maternal uncle feels depressed or lonely, then my aunt tries to make him happy. I think that God has made them for each other.
In addition to it, my uncle and aunt, they both have the same interests and choices related to clothes, occupation, shopping, and so on.

Whenever they go shopping in the supermarket, they both purchase things for each other. Actually, they have known choice and likelihood of each other.

Apart from it, they have the same occupation because they are both web developers. Recently they have opened their own office in order to expand their business.

They also have registered for their own company named creative minds. They both are hardworking.
Moreover, my maternal uncle and aunt, they are both good advisors. because whenever I confusion to choose something best for my own, then I just like to get advice from them.
During my summer vacations, I visit their home and spend my vacations with them. At that time, I see their activities as well as way to do works, I feel that it is a happily married couple.
All in all, according to my point of view, this couple is living a happy married life and supports each other. May God fill their life with happiness.

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