Describe a Family Member Who Made You Proud.

Describe a family member who made you proud.

Sample Answer:-

Well, every family has its own value and qualities. I believe, there is a special person in every family who make proud to other family members.

Describe a family member who made So here I would like to talk about a person from my family who made me proud. He is my grandfather. I describe him briefly.

His name is Bachan Singh. Actually, my grandfather is a retired Subedar major from Indian Army. If I talk about his physique then, he is a strong man who has reached his 90s. But he looks young From his age.

He is average build with fair complexion. Also, He never feels tired due to his good time management. My grandfather learned good discipline during his job in Indian Army.


In addition to it, he has unique qualities which differentiates him from other ones. Such as he is down to earth person and always ready to help poverty-stricken people.

Also, he organizes athletic Meet in my village every year. He thinks that it is a better method to protect young ones from crime or drugs.

Apart from it, he has strong goodwill in human society. Every person respects him and gets blessings. Actually, my grandfather a Bravery award with a medal from ex a president of India named late Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy.

He got it for showing his metal in the war of Civilization.
Whenever I see my grandfather’s bravery award and medal, I feel proud of him. Because of my grandfather, every person in my village respects me and other my family members.

Moreover, whenever I go to my work or college, then people speak to each other that this girl is a grandchild of Subedar major Bachan Singh. This thing fills my life with happiness, proud and respect.
All in all, I want to be like him. I love him so much. Every time, he made me proud and becomes a source of happiness in my life.

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