Describe a Course that Impressed You a Lot Recent Speaking Cue Card

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Describe a course that impressed you a lot:- You should say:-

  • What the course was about?
  • Where did you take the course?
  • What you did do during the course?
  • And explain why it impressed you a lot.

Sample 1 Describe a Course that Impressed You a Lot Recent Speaking Cue Card

Well, in my life, I do different types of courses in my free time. I think it’s an excellent time-pass hobby to do on my vacations to get information in different streams. Here I will talk about one of my best courses which impressed me greatly.

Also, I learned many new things in that course. I clearly remember I was in my first year of college. There is a summer vacation, and my mom told me to do a hotel management course for one month, and I agreed to do that.

It was a one-month course in which they gave information about kitchen cleaning and room service. So I decided to let’s go. The Courses were held at the Hyatt hotel, which was 2 km from my home. I go daily to learn new things and meet new people to quickly know the outside world.

In the opening, I started my training in the bakery, and the bakery chef was so humble and key trained me to make cakes and cookies. I really love the bakery, and also I learned many new things about the hospitality industry.

Hence, if I wanted to change my career to hotel management get a job easily. So the central part which impresses me a lot is that hotel management has too much scope in India. I can get a job in many departments like the bakery, Kitchen, and front desk.

Sample 2 Describe a Course that Impressed You a Lot Recent Speaking Cue Card

There are so many courses that I have taken in my life since my childhood days, and I was really fascinated with one course because it gave me a piece of good knowledge that was the cloud computing course, so was during my final year of college.

Where are professors had insisted on taking this course in a right to receive better placement opportunities, so it was a virtual session and it was so for almost a month end of the month, we had an exam to test our skills, and I was happy, and I was on top of on Cloud Nine?

When I got to know that I scored in the 90 percentile doing the course, we actually created a lot of Fast Services with the help of the latest cutting-edge Technologies.

It also made us know the actual functioning of the applications which we are using on a daily basis end of this, and I attended a few introduce and I am happy to say that I had also tracked some of them, and I received these employment opportunities with a significantly improve my skills.

I felt that I needed to take this at least once in a blue moon difficult, which shows that I am eligible to take part in any kind of cloud computing activity. I would recommend this course to all the people who are thinking about some sort of career and also driving striving to achieve.

Part 3 Questions

Question 1:- Why do some people have a better memory?

Answer 1:- Well, I think some people have an excellent memory. They remember things very easily and confidently. My mother has a very sharp memory. Whenever I ask something, she tells me everything about that in detail, so I think that’s an outstanding quality as a human being. I think I have to learn that quality from my mother.

Answer 2:- They have a good memory and patience in their life end is the tendency to concentrate Better by thinking only about the task in which they are involved rather than focusing on other activities and making some free of stress and anxiety, which eventually leads the excellent better and work.

Question 2:- Which can help people remember things better, words or photos?

Answer 1:- When I think, photos can help me remember things easily because, with the help of photos, I can easily remember the location and details. Photo writes every little detail I am trying to remember, but with the words, sometimes I get confused, and I think a photo is a perfect option for me.

Answer 2:- I believe that it is the presentation of any information that guides people to have a good memory because words we have to read and sometimes people may not grasp them properly; however, a pictorial representation is more attractive and appealing as with helps both adults as well as the children to have a proper knowledge of it, and it is easy to gain the information which they are immediate.

Question 3:- Can technology help people remember things better? How?

Answer 1:- Yes, I believe technology helps a lot to remember things easily. I don’t know about the others, but technology dramatically helps me. At some point, if I try to remember something, I just click a picture of that thing and save it on my phone. Sometimes, I make notes for that and set a reminder about that particular thing so I can easily remember and never forget it.

Answer 2:- Yes, nowadays, there are a lot of applications and teaching courses that are available Virtually, which makes people retain a lot of information by downloading the byju’s app. It helped me grasp the knowledge of different kinds of Technologies and enabled me to get good practice when I was practicing for my IELTS exam. Please note that the data store has created a breakthrough in education and knowledge.

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