Describe a Difficult Challenge That You Completed/met.

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Describe a difficult challenge that you completed/met.

You should say: 

-What was the challenge

-when and where did you complete/met it

-why was it difficult

-how you felt about it?

Sample Answer of Describe a difficult challenge that you completed/met. 

Well, Challenges make a person more diligent and people do their best to meet them. I also have come across many challenges, but the most difficult challenge to win a bet that I had with one of my friends. It was regarding taking admission in M.Ed and coming off flying colors in the end. It was tough for me because I had been doing a job and getting a professional degree along with a job was really a herculean task and of course, it becomes more painstaking when a person is surrounded by rivals.

I accepted the challenge and did hard labor to it. Though I had to sacrifice my sleep, entertainment but I went on fulfilling it. With the grace of Almighty, I stood first and felt jubilant. Now, I also feel if I had not taken that challenge, things would have been different. I made my husband feel proud of me. This risk has transformed my life. Now I am very eager to accept any challenge. So, it had instilled a feeling of confidence, courage, and made me an instant decision-maker. So, this was the challenge that I accepted whole-heartedly.

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