Describe a Difficult Thing You Did: Ielts Speaking Topics

Describe a difficult thing you did. You should say –

  • What was it?
  • How did you complete it?
  • Why was it difficult?
  • And how do you feel about doing it?

Sample 1

There are ample things which people like to take in their day to day lives so I think some things are kind of difficult and something is a totally easy is a totally depend on situation and many of people like to face difficult situations in their life like to sort out with presence of mind sometimes they even stuck to find a resolution of that problem and here I would like to talk about the time which I found very difficulty so I remember vividly when I got the summer vacation from my college I had immense time and I need to spend my time in the kind of productivity after that I also got the assignment from my college so I was too happy when I got the assignment because it was my own favourite topic it was based on environmental issues even the note over there even I had numerous of thoughts in my mind when I am try to write on the paper I was stuck even my mind was when is doubt even I also lose all the ideas which I got on that and after that I also gave my contribution to find alternative over the Internet even I failed every time because a teacher strictly gave restrictions about content could not be copied from the Internet. So I was in a massive dilemma on how to get the complete project in the given time frame. So finally, I decided to get help from my elder brother, who wasn’t available because he was busy with work. Moreover, it was a daunting time for me because I had never faced that situation. Afterwards, I tried to complete my assignment with unrealistic and uncompleted ideas. I knew it was not up to the mark, and I used my imagination power. Unfortunately, my imagination is not quite strong. Finally, I wasted my three days, and I had only two days even though my whole body’s gonna shivering badly. After sleepiness nights, I did my project on the environment and submitted it to the online portal. Unfortunately, the Internet was not working correctly, so I immediately visited my friend’s house. And due to the low connection, it took almost 5 hours to submit all the details correctly. So that was the time when I faced immense problems.

Sample 2

This is regarding one challenging project of my career where I was responsible for building one database on software called SPEL for one of the prestigious Oil & Gas clients “Saudi Aramco”. The project was in Midyan, and the site was located in Saudi Arabia. A complete engineering database was prepared in SPEL and submitted to Company for review.

My head of the department has provided me with the responsibility of preparing the database in SPEL software. I had just joined the Company and was quite new to the organization. In addition, I was not having any experience working with this software. There was some training organized by the Company for employees of my department for SPEL software before my joining. However, no one was able to understand and work on that software. After receiving the assignment, I started exploring the software on the internet and downloaded several manuals and working guides. I also received some notes of earlier organized training from my department colleagues.

Since no one in my organization had the experience of working with that software, it was tough for me to complete my assignment. However, I finished it by studying all available manuals and software catalogues. The database was submitted to Company and got approved. The moment I received the approval information, I was happy and excited that I had done it correctly on the first attempt. I was the only person in the entire organization who performed this software task and received appreciation from company management during our annual function.

Follow-ups of Describe a Difficult Thing You Did: IELTS Speaking Topics

Question  1:- What kinds of jobs require people to be confident?

Answer 1:- Well, there some jobs which require a lot of confidence in the lifestyle of the people even some job sectors are government job customer care job as well as we deal any client sometimes a lot of organisation also face international clients, so I think on that time job confidence must be crucial because we never lose any customer and client without enthusiasm, I think this job sector requires a lot of confidence.

Answer 2:- Although every job requires attention and confidence in the person to perform the required task, there are certain critical jobs where the person should be confident enough to do the homework responsibly. For example, the doctor’s profession requires high confidence to treat patients and do the surgery. Any mistake in their task may lead to a fatal accident; hence, a small error can make a difference in the outcome.

Question  2:- On what occasions should children be encouraged? How?

Answer 1:- There are a lot of situations we need to increase the number of students and children in our day-to-day life because children are already in a developing stage. They also will try their best even if they get failed; even if they get shallow marks in their academics, we need to encourage them with some sort of method. Even parents provide motivational lessons to their children for hours to increase their confidence. Hence, I think everyone should improve their children and neglect the course’s failure.

Answer 2:- Children should be encouraged whenever they achieve something, even if it is a simple milestone. Boosting confidence, which makes them ambitious to achieve goals in life. It becomes the habit of the children to arduously try to achieve the set goal if they are encouraged well at the right stage of life.

Question  3:- How do you help children stay focused?

Answer 1:- There is some alternative we have to children to stay focused on their workplace even their studies apart from that every child need to organise a seminar and also to be a part of them even motivational seminar has immense knowledge and benefits in the lifestyle of the people because many people also improve their lifestyle after they hear the words from the motivational seminar some of the children like to enrol themselves with morals and ethics value which I got from their parents so I think it could be crucial to get in courage and helps to find out to get focus to their studies.

Answer 2:- Children are very vibrant, and sometimes it is tough to stay focused on their goals. Hence they should be appropriately encouraged. To achieve this, I always try to lure them with rewards to ensure they finish their task correctly and on time. This may include chocolates, a movie, a picnic or anything else they are always looking for.

Question  4:- What challenges do young people face today?

Answer 1:- In the term of challenges, I think challenges could be counted in any place because, in the fast and parcel of their immense challenges which children like to face in their day-to-day life apart from that, people also face challenges in their workplaces and then don’t find a desirable job and not able to complete the assignment as well as the project only appropriate in a manner. Hence, I think completing tasks and projects submitted on time, so I think this challenge could be faced by every people.

Answer 2:- As per my understanding, the main challenge faced by youth today is social media and the use of the internet in our life. The social media influence on our life has increased so much. Youth generally gets lured by this influence and misses their goal. There are always two sides to a coin, and the same applies to the internet. If it is used correctly, it is beneficial to achieving your goal; otherwise, it will lose its focus on its goal. Hence, it is challenging for youth to use the internet suitably without social media influence.

Question  5:- Do you see this kind of help occurring in your neighbourhood?

Answer 1:- Yes, I face many challenges in my day-to-day life, even in my neighbourhood. I also contributed immensely to encouraging one of my friends, Rahul, who lives in my house. I vividly remember when he failed his academics, so definitely he also lost his confidence, so that time he also increased with a lot of motivational words and immediately he got back all the confidence within a week so definitely I give help and encourage one of my friend who lives in my neighbourhood.

Answer 2:- neighbours are always the first person in need in case of any emergency. We faced this situation in our neighbourhood during a recent epidemic. An elder uncle in my neighbourhood got covid positive and was not allowed to go out due to government regulations. During that phase, we helped them bring their daily needs from the market, such as groceries, vegetables and medicines, whenever they needed them. They used to call us in case of any condition, and we helped them by providing those required items.

Question  6:- How can people in the neighbourhood help the elderly during an epidemic?

Answer 1:- Well, are their lots of help which people like to give an immense contribution to their senior citizens even they all living in their houses as well because every family has senior citizens as well as old people to keep safer even for instance during the COVID-19 pandemic all the youngsters gave great efforts to preserve old age people because the infections were rapidly capital spread among the senior old age people, so youngsters also want to go all the initiatives and follows the rules and Regulations which provided by the government, so I think youngsters gave immense a contribution to preserve old age community.

Answer 2:- Neighbors play an essential role in our life, and we should help and care about our neighbours, especially when it comes to elderly people who are living in your neighbourhood because they need special care during the endemic. We should ensure proper hygiene in our vicinity so that they should not get affected by any bacteria or virus. Especially during an endemic, we need to provide appropriate protective gear while approaching them. The visits shall be limited to as low as possible to avoid contamination from us. During the peak of the endemic, we should talk to them about any requirement while going to market and furnish their required goods, limiting their exposure to the crowd in the market. As good neighbours, we are responsible for caring for elderly people in our vicinity.

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