Describe someone you had a good time with, or someone you enjoy spending time with

# Describe someone you had a good time with or someone you enjoy spending time with

  • Who the person is (was)
  • How you know (knew) this person
  • What you do (did) together


The person I enjoy staying with is my classmate Raman, and we spent a lot of time together while studying at university. We became friends for we both like English, and he was the one who always had confidence in me. I was grateful to have a friend like him who knew me well and who was always there to support me.

Being interested in English, I used to read aloud in the morning to recite articles written in English. I preferred to do that in the corner of the school library, and one day I had to find a new place, as someone else was reading books there. Then I turned to the woods behind
the library, and unexpectedly, I saw him reading English. From then on, we often studied together.

One day, he called me up and encouraged me to join in the English Speech Contest held by our school, which I heard of, but I hesitated, for I was not confident, thinking that there would be plenty of English majors taking part whose English must be better than mine.

Finally, I was persuaded by him, as he agreed that he would help me in preparation. The following weeks, we were seen practicing together, and he was patient to offer suggestions. He would cheer me up whenever I was discouraged. On the day for competition, however, he didn’t show up, which made me sad. On my way to the dormitory, after I got the third in the contest, he called and showed up with a punch of flowering.


I was so happy that I couldn’t help crying, when he told me he was sitting somewhere, watching me to give me speech, and he didn’t show up for he knew I would feel nervous with him aside. Though we work in different cities after graduation, he is always ready to share my happiness and trouble. How lucky I am to have him as my best friend.


The person I like spending time with is my best friend, Manjot, whom I’ve known for over 9 years. I like staying with him, for I trust him and we have a lot in common. We spent a lot of time together while we were in the university, studying in the school library, making trips to nearby places of interest, for example.

We’d like to share our happiness and trouble with each other even though we are not always along now. Manjot transferred to my class when we were in grade nine. Actually, at that time I didn’t have much impression of him as I was busy with my study and he was not a special guy. I just remembered he was a little slim boy then. A year later, we attended the same senior high school, but we’re in the different classes.

We just greeted when we came across the campus. Things changed in the year when we graduated. I wasn’t accepted by the school I dreamed of, so did him. Coincidently, we were accepted by the same university in Jalandhar. When we knew the news, we both couldn’t
believe that.

The following four years, we went to school and went back home together. Every time he helped me with my heavy luggage. I was very thankful to him. During the time, we became the best friends. Now we both worked in Google, we often chat online and send messages, and sometimes we go hiking and have meals together.


Question: Do you think people have more free time today than they did before? 
I don’t think so. Though the invention of machines frees people from a large amount of labor work, people are busy with more stuff. Firstly, people have to learn more to catch up with the development of the world. Then without the worry of living, people have more to pursuits, such as a big house, or a trip abroad, and they have to earn enough money to make it come true, which is mentally and physically demanding. That’s why people are less free than they did before.

Question: What are the sources of pressure in people’s lives?
People have different sources of pressure at different period of their lives. On their youth, they are under the pressure of study, and they have to study hard so as to attend good schools and receive a better education. After graduation, they have to face up the fierce competition at work and struggle to make a better living. Then they will have endless living pressure, to find the right person to make up a family and to cater for the family.

Question: How do you think people can deal with this pressure?
Well, firstly, people should set appropriate goals and keep trying. It’s useless to pursuit something impossible at a certain period. At the same time, people should be optimistic, and believe that they will get what they want, maybe in far future or not so perfect, as long as one keeps trying. Besides, people need to get relaxed at times. When they are tired, they can do what they like, or maybe talk to others about their problems, to get refreshed.

Question: In life, for example, at work or as a student, what can people do when they need help?
Well, as a student, he can turn to others for help. His parents and teachers are willing to offer help, as students are not capable to deal with many things. However, when at work, people can ask for their colleagues and friends to give some advice. People are no longer to be ready to help adults, as they themselves have their own things to cope with.

Question: At work or in school do you think people need to help each other?
People need to help each other both at work and in school. No one is perfect, so no one is able to deal with everything in life, that’s why people have to help each other. However, the ways of offering help may be different. People can do and show others how to do in school; while at work, people will offer advice or share experience for the one in need, as it’s his duty to complete his own duty.

Question: In the future, do you think people will be studying and working more as individuals or more in a group?
I think people in the future will more be with themselves than with others. With access to a computer, students can study at home, and workers can have their job done anytime and anywhere. The machines available free people from much work, and loads of machines are used to do the labor, with few people operating computers to fulfill their work. The internet might be the medium for people to meet and work together.

Question: What is the value of teamwork?
The value of teamwork lies in that it makes full use of the merit of all group members, to have work done in an efficient way.

Question: Do you think the internet has brought people closer together, with its communication capability or has it created a greater gap between people?
Well, it depends. It’s known that plenty of workers no longer go to certain places to work, as they do in the past, because of the use of the internet. Therefore, having less time together people will be less familiar with each other. However, the internet does bring people closer. For example, I can talk with my parents who are thousands of miles away through the computer, just like we are talking face to face.

Question: In the future, do you think these inventions will lead to people spending time with other people less than they do today?
Maybe. The world, in the future, maybe one without countries. All the work on earth will be done by machines. There is little work needing to be done by humans, and people take turns to supervise the computers, just to make sure nothing goes wrong. People then are left to enjoy their life with their family and friends

Describe someone you had a good time with or someone you enjoy spending time with

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