Describe a Foreign Film You Like Watching

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Describe a foreign film you like Watching; You should say

  • What film it was,
  • Who the actors were,
  • When you watched it,
  • Why did you enjoy this film

Sample Answer of Describe a Foreign Film You Like Watching

Well, I like to watch especially Hollywood movies, they are an Apple of my eyes. Whenever I get the opportunity, I prefer to watch movies although, in vacant hours. I’ve seen a host of films so far, today I would like to talk about the foreign movie I love to watch.

It was fast and furious 7, nearly 6 years ago, I watched this movie first time in the theatre. That time went with one of my cousins. This movie was the 7th film of the fast and furious franchise; these franchise films are popular for stunts and unrealistic scenes.

The movie was made by many Hollywood actors and actresses whose names are household and have a plethora of die heart fans. Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, the rock, Johanson and a few more. When I watched the movie, it was my first foreign movie; before that time, I never watch anyone. I watched it with Hindi dubbed audio.

After watching it at the cinema, I became a fan of this movie, and a few days later, I downloaded it from an online source. This was also the last movie of late actor paul walker. Unfortunately, during the film shooting in 2013, the actor car was crushed and occurred accident. An accident was huge. As a result, he died.

The movie is base on friendship and fights against antisocial people. I loved that film; the acting level and story were extraordinary. Owing to this movie, I started to watch foreign movies, especially English.

Part 3 Questions Describe a foreign film you like Watching

Question 1:- What do you think makes a good actor?

Answer – The primary thing is acting skills, how to entertain the audience, and how they could like their acting. Moreover, having a great sense of humour and a magnanimous personality also makes a person a good actor.

Question 2:- What are some of the characteristics that an actor needs to have?

Answer – The actor has to be down to earth rather than arrogant., They are also able to aid anyone. Even finding some percentage of salary to penurious people would be great.

Question 3:- Have movies changed over the years? How have they changed?

Answer – Definitely yes, movie stories and types change year by year. Revaluation is also seen in the film industry as industrial had in the 18th century. Nowadays, yearly many different types of genes movie released which wasn’t in the past.

Question 4:- Do you think movies will continue to be popular with people in the future?

Answer – Without any doubt, yes, currently, the youth prefer enjoyment over burnt midnight, and I think my future craze for the film will grow.

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