Describe a foreign language you would like to learn ( Not English)

Describe a foreign language you would like to learn ( Not English)

You should say:

  • what it is and how you plan to learn it

  • where it is spoken

  • how it will help you

and explain why you want to learn this language.


Sample 1:-

Well, in this globalization world, learning a new language is a wonderful benefit. This does not only help us during traveling but also it is a great advantage for studying in general and for career prospects abroad. Acquiring a second language enables us to develop various mental abilities of all ages.

Here I would like to talk about a language which I like to learn. This language is the Spanish language of a nation Spain. I want to learn it for some reasons. I explain it briefly. Firstly, my cousin lives in Spain she requested me a lot of time to visit there to meet her. But I am student and I donot have enugh time to go anywhere.

After completing my studies, I want to go there to meet my cousin. Learning the Spanish language will help me to talk with Spanish people. Secondly, acquiring a second language means your brain has to cope with complexity as it makes sense of and absorbs the new patterns. It improves your thinking. Highly developed critical thinking skills are a significant benefit both personally and professionally.

Thirdly, It improves memory. Because a new language requires not only familiarity with vocabulary and rules, but also being able to recall and apply this knowledge. It gives a good work out to your memory. Apart from it, adopting a foreign language enhances the ability to multi-task. being multi-tasking has become a fashion and a requirement of the present time.

People who developed the ability to think in different languages and move from one country to another become much better multi-tasker, as well as they, can reduce stress-levels easily. Moreover, learning an alien language boosts one’s decision making.

According to a study of Chicago’s university, decision-making ability becomes an easier process for multilingual people. The multilingual persons are more confident in their decision-making choices as a result of practice, practice, practice!

To add to it, learning a new language improves your first language. It makes you more conscious of the nuts and bolts of your own language. It makes you a better listener also. Eventually, the Spanish language will bring a plethora of benefits for me. to come it true, I will complete my studies and then, I shall take admission in a well-reputed language learning school to learn Spanish.

For this, I have searched about a language school which is nearby my hometown. I shall do it as soon as possible because it will help me to broaden the horizons of my knowledge.

Sample 2:-

Well, There are a number of languages spoken in our world. But some certain languages are being popular these days due to that country’s being much popular. From these languages, English and French are above than all. I would like to learn the French language. I will elaborate my views in the further talk. Describe a foreign language you would like to learn ( Not English)
Along with my interest, There are also several reasons to make t necessary to learn the French language. Firstly, French is a much popular language and spoken by a large community of people in Canada. After English, having knowledge of this language is necessary to migrate to Canada. As plenty of students are going to Canada. So, it becomes necessary for them to learn the French language. Describe a foreign language you would like to learn ( Not English)
Secondly, it is highly spoken by most of the people in many countries. So, by learning this language, we can get a chance to be successful in those countries too where it is the native language. Describe a foreign language you would like to learn ( Not English)
Moreover, I want to learn this language because it is so interesting in speaking, reading, and writing. By learning this language, we can get an opportunity to learn various tricks which are used by the French people in their business. I want to choose only French people because these are much popular these days. So, for all these reasons, it becomes necessary and interesting to learn this language.

Describe the first time that you used a foreign language to communicate ielts exam

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Describe a foreign language you would like to learn ( Not English)

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