Describe a Foreign Person Who You Have Heard or Known that You Think Is Interesting: Recent Speaking Cue Card

Describe a foreign person you have heard or known that you think is interesting. You should say

  • Who is this person?
  • How do you know this person?
  • What kind of this person?
  • Why do you think this person is interesting?

Sample 1 Describe a Foreign Person Who You Have Heard or Known that You Think Is Interesting: Recent Speaking Cue Card

Humans are internationally known internationally and prominent in their field, and Elon Musk’s number inspires me is always on social media and is quite trending everywhere.

He is also a youth icon one day, I was exploring space Exploration for my final year project during my college days, and then I came to know about this person Elon Musk. Out of the blue, I started reading an article about who he is, how he led his life and what achievements he has accomplished.

So far, I was pretty fascinated with the house he started his industry Tesla and slowly steadily how his grown over the past few years. Right now, he is the billionaire, the wealthiest person on the planet Beyonce meaning conglomerate companies, and he is also doing a lot of research into exploring what life was about and what kind of life will be if a person reaches space out of all his Expectations he is the most down to earth person.

I have ever followed them on social media. Currently, he is working on automation, such as imaging and manufacturing automatic vehicles without the intervention of a human he is also manufacturing space, missing space shuttles such that an average person can make a living there within the next few decades find Sparta fascinating.

Sample 2 Describe a Foreign Person Who You Have Heard or Known that You Think Is Interesting: Recent Speaking Cue Card

Well, they are a lot of faces Which I get familiar with even they get famous for their dedication and hard work and the ratio of foreign people across the world an immense.

It also gives a lot of lessons about life and how to solve problems identically, and here I would like to talk about a person. What I know about him is nobody’s even the only famous person Bill Gates in the world. I want him due to an abundance of reasons he is the most innovative person.

I found that he is a founder of Microsoft company, and he handles his organisation which employs a ratio of around 5000. Apart from that, now I talk about his company Microsoft’s Windows software company, and the numerous people and organisations also totally dependent on the software because Microsoft gives a platform to run their workplace conveniently, and people use the software across the world wild and out and they get fascinated with them.

However, I follow his person on my social media even though you organised a weekly seminar. He is an inspiration to many youngsters because, in every workshop, he uses motivational content and words, which I get attracted to. I like to apply a lot of qualities from his seminar. Apart from that, he also teaches how to live a life without any problems.

We need to face all the obstacles, so we’d like to sort out that issue without the presence of mind. Even though though he is the inspiration of many youngsters,, they are many things. I found him very interesting is my intentions are very brilliant. His thinking level is entirely was from our thinking even though he’s not to turn over around 1000 billion dollars every here because he has a perfect platform. He always believes in a struggle, so that is a foreign person we try sounds very interesting I I will get a chance to meet with them and take his signature, so I like his qualities very much.

Part 3 Questions Describe a Foreign Person Who You Have Heard or Known that You Think Is Interesting: Recent Speaking Cue Card

Question 1:- Do you have any foreign friends, and do you think having foreign friends is an excellent way to know other countries?

Answer 1:- Yes, I have a few friends who migrated recently to different countries, and also, a few years back, they went to do their roar master’s education. One of the best ways to know about a foreign culture is when a friend is there because it is optimal to make a FaceTime conversation. We can get to know about how their culture is what kind of language they speak. Most of them explore food so they can get a good knowledge of culinary skills.

Answer 2:- I have some sort of friends worldwide, like in Canada, Australia and Germany. I like to make conversations daily because they are my excellent friends even. I share all the things with them. Apart from that, they also use they also living there for the past 5 to 4 years even they have all the knowledge about these countries. Even sometimes, when I get in a dilemma about to know that the culture over there, I generally ask them and enhance my knowledge skills, so I was able to contact with them, so I have some idea about the tradition which people follow their show my friends also and discuss me up over the phone call.

Question 2:- Do you think it’s important to know the culture and language before going to another country?

Answer 1:- I don’t think it is necessary to know about the culture and the language. We will have to have a basic idea of how it will be worth knowing completely is not a requirement.

Answer 2:- Without any doubt, I think it is kind of an integral part of our life when we gain knowledge as well as the language barrier when we visit any type of country because without the languages we are unable to survive there even if we have to do like a lot of things and able to develop the ability to recognise the Indian tradition as well as a language over there. Hence, we need to clear the barrier of languages as well as a culture when we are shifted there. Therefore, it is a crucial part of our life when we visit any other country we must have a lot of knowledge about that country as well as the culture which people follow theirs.

Question 3:- What do you think of people who work in international companies?

Answer 1:- People who work in foreign countries are they were hard-working because when I deal with foreign delegates, they are there so focused they don’t have a TV at all, and they can be swift in the work they perform their activities on time important part regarding the mess once their computer with the task they don’t even think about it, so that said that is the end of the day.

Answer 2:- Some people want to work in an international company. I think that is a very immense more significant opportunity for them to be a part of foreign companies because it is a kind of dream of every people which likes to seeking for from their childhood. Even international companies provide an abundance of amenities which people want to enhance their living standards and able to fulfil their desires promptly. Apart from that,, they need to complete all their wishes when they walk into that company. Hence, one of the most reasons is that they get experiences about the foreign company when they interact with international clients they have to do communicate daily so that definitely, this part way to succeed.

Question 4:- What abilities do people need to have when working in an international company?

Answer 1:- The most pivotal role to play in an international company is good communication because if there is no proper skill to talk to the other person, then We Can’t survive irrespective of the company or the person from this they should know how to stick onto their work and completed on time because that is how we that is our culture and our country will be protected if we are not adhering to the deadlines then we will not have a good impression and name for not only for us but also a country.

Answer 2:- There are numerous abilities every people have like to work in an international company. first of all people to be honest, loyal and trustworthy because these three main aspects are most important in the people’s live to develop a Constitution to work with them even if they have to face a large number of international clients, so they need to clear the language barrier like they have to communicate with them daily and eventually leads to they become a perfect person in that same company.

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