Describe a Friend who is a Good Leader

Describe a friend who is a good leader

  • + Who this person is
  • +How you know this person
  • +how this person behaves
  • +why you think this person is a good leader

Answer OF this Cue Card

Well, I’ve got a friend whom I consider a rare example of a natural-born leader. She has been working for a fairly large manufacturing company for about 5 years now. She started her career as a junior project manager. But very soon she was acting like the team’s lead although she wasn’t actually one. I know that she wasn’t doing this because she wanted to get a promotion. I remember we discussed this situation. She was doing this because she felt it was the right thing to do for the company to succeed.

Of course, at some point, his boss completely took the back seat and didn’t do anything at all. It is not surprising, therefore, that eventually she was offered her boss’s position. And, of course, she agreed.


I don’t know how exactly she manages her team ’cause we don’t work together. But we’ve been friends since childhood, so I can assume that, first of all, she never shouts at people. She is never rude to her employees. She shows respect for their hard work and dedication. I’m sure that she lets her team do their jobs without standing over their shoulders. Also, she really likes holding brainstorming sessions from time to time. She told me about it many times. She listens to everyone’s opinions, involves employees in decision-making and planning, which makes people feel involved and valued, of course.

Well, from what I know, her team is like a well-oiled machine. And I think that this is the best evidence of her success as a leader.

Describe a friend who is a good leader

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Describe a Friend who is a Good Leader




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