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Describe a good decision someone made ielts exam

Describe a good decision someone made IELTS exam

Who made the decision?  

What was the decision

When was it made

How it affected you


Decision making is very important in everyone’s life and one has to take decisions very carefully. Because some good decisions can change your life. Today I would like to talk about the decisions took by my uncle when he decided to migrate from village to the city he was an inspector in FCI.

he has two children a boy and a girl. When both the children become four years old, He shifted to the city and enrolled in the CBSE schools and it was very difficult for children to go to school in remote areas, with gods grace, his children got good marks in every year. when his son completed matriculation he enrolled his child in one of the famous schools of Chandigarh.

Fortunately, after secondary education, he appeared in IIT exam and got 85th position all over India. After completing IIT he started preparation for civil services exam and his hard work bear fruits and he selected for IAS officer. HIs daughter also working as a Head of the Orane international company of beauty and wellness.

So, one good decision of my uncle changed the life of his children and they are now shining like bright stars, I am very happy with this decision of my uncle and I also try to walk on the footprints of my uncle


Q-1 Should children make decisions on their own?

Ans: no children should not make decisions on their own because they are not mature enough and do not have the experience to take important decisions. sometimes they took decisions in a hurry which could be harmful to them keeping in view their future perspective.

Q-2 How should parents help their children make decisions?

Ans: parents help their children to make decisions in many ways because they are well known about the interests of their children and due to this they could guide them to go in a proper and right direction. moreover, parents have a lot of experience of their life and they are aware of what is good or bad for them.

Q-3 Do parents in your country take decisions for their children?

Ans: yes parents took decisions for their children in my country because they are very ambitious about the future of their they guide them from time to time and help them to take right and appropriate decisions for them.

Q-4 Do you think it is advisable listening to others advice when making decisions?

Ans: yes definitely it is advisable listening to others advice while making decisions because in this way one has more ideas and options to take the right decision in for their should listen to the advice of different people and then choose one from them.

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Describe a good decision someone made Describe a good decision someone made Describe a good decision someone made Describe a good decision someone made Describe a good decision someone made

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