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Describe a Good Service You Received: Recent Speaking Cue Card

Describe a Good Service You Received Recent Speaking Cue Card (1)
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Describe a good service you received. You should say:-

Sample 1

Normally during weekends I prefer going to restaurants and exploring new food items because I am a good lover of food so I tend to spend most of my weekend there and today I just want to talk about the service which was offered by one of the restaurant which is the Barbeque Nation and specially the service which they have given was incredibly the best service I have ever received it was during my birthday went to that place and had a great food along with that they also provided different coupon of my birthday so we got an extra discount as well I went along with my family members and the most interesting thing which I like is thank all the people working in that restaurant the came to the table they served a cake and they also sang a birthday song my birthday even more memorable because I celebrated family and the entire team was clapping and uploading me for tat I feel extremely delightful visit our place on the occasion of my birthday and along with that I also give a very good feedback to them by the end of our male we took great pictures and upload it on social media friends those pictures and they even they were very happy on saying that.

Sample 2

In the modern era, due to technology, we can enjoy the perks of many good services like online grocery shopping or food and many more. I would like to describe the beauty parlour services which I received recently. Though I am a girl, I’m not fond of beauty parlour services. I just visited for waxing. one day, my friend asked her if I could accompany her to the beauty parlour. I was free, so I went there with her. It was near to her house, so I just went there on walking. The ambience was nice, and the owner of the parlour had a specialization in hair services. My friend took a hair spa and forced me also to get it done. At first, I denied but eventually, I agreed. She first washed my hair and then applied some cream and then a hot towel over it and then we had to wait for 20 mins so in that time she played my favourite music videos on tv so that we didn’t get bored. After 20 min, she washed my hair again and then applied the serum. She also gave me instructions about how to take care of my hair. I felt relaxed and rejuvenated after the spa. I have noticed good results from the spa on my hair within a week, so overall it was a good experience, and I thanked my friend for forcing me.

Follow-ups of Describe a Good Service You Received

Question 1:- What jobs require staff to get in touch with many people?

Answer 1:- There are numerous jobs in India in which people working in any shop should communicate with their customers, expressly the retail stores, because in my opinion, I feel that they should feel how the customer should feel what the customer wants, and also they should be in a position to identify what kind of dresses to them select the outfits which they tell and along with that they should also suggest some good outfits as well.

Answer 2:- Jobs such as receptionist at offices or hospitals, the student section of schools and colleges, and waiters at restaurants require getting in touch with many people, and for this reason, good communication skills are a must for these kinds of jobs.

Question 2:- What qualities does the staff need? Why?

Answer 1:- The people working in any shop require good communication skills because to have a great justice easily explain about what the shop contains along with that it improves a good bonding between the customer as well as the person who sells the particular row the customer needs.

Answer 2:- Staff should have good communication skills and basic computer knowledge. Also, staff must be loyal and passionate about/her work because if he/she is not passionate about their work and he just does it for the sake of doing then you may not find their proper input in the work

Question 3:- What’s the difference between services in big shops and small shops?]

Answer 1:- In large shops, the people their products often tend to have constant customers because they want to grow their market among all the competitors; however, in small shops, they just want to focus on the quality of the goods which they are sending rather than the feedback for the competition among the peers.

Answer 2:- think big shops can afford more staff to serve customers, and also they have many options for different products but the services of big shops are costlier than small shops.

Question 4:- What should people do when they get bad service?

Answer 1:- Generally, people don’t receive any kind of bad service from the shots, but in scenarios, they can give feedback to them directly also, they can post it on social media in a much more diplomatic way rather than just trashing them because it also spoils their reputation scenarios they can complain to their managers regarding the behaviour again it should be done in a pleasing way.

Answer 2:- First, they should go to the service provider and tell him/her what is bad about the service and then ask the provider to either refund them or give them another good service, and if he/she denies doing so, then people must complain in consumer protection or In Grievance department.

Question 5:- Why do some people not know what service is good?

Answer 1:- Most of the people tend to buy all their products online, so this creates disc Munich MS communication between the retail store’s people and also the people who are going and who want to buy things this is one of the main reasons other than that person who don’t have basic communication skills that don’t know how to ask for a product, so this again leads to bad service.

Answer 2:- I think some people are so shy or introverted that they don’t try many services and so they don’t have any experience of good service so I guess they can’t decide between good and bad services due to lack of experience.

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