Describe a Historical Period/time You Want to Know More About

Describe a historical period/time you want to know more about

You should say:

  • What event is it?
  • When did it happen?
  • Who or what was involved in it?

Sample Answer of Describe a Historical Period/time You Want to Know More About

I literally feel ashamed while saying that I have no interest in history, and I clearly remember I just passed my history exam during 10th standard by cramming the facts, however. Here I would like to talk about a historical event on which I feel very proud to celebrate it is none other than 15th August in it is celebrated as Independence Day. I believe every Indian, irrespective of age, celebrate this auspicious day every school, college hospital office, or any other professor whatsoever. It is definitely celebrated this day with full of enthusiasm, and everyone feels proud on this day as much. I know about this day there is a great historical background behind this like for the very first time this day was celebrated on 15th August 1947 and on that day the name Independence Day was declared for this.

From that day till now we are celebrating we have been celebrating this day as well history before this day approximately four 200 years British rules India they overtook every industry every business profession government and treasure of India even they make made more Indians slaves the Indian people were working as slaves in those days however few freedom fighters such as Bhagat Singh Mahatma Gandhi Sukhdev Singh and so on book metal with the Britishers and forced them to run away from India with the collaboration of all freedom fighters India got independence on 15th August 1947. today on this special day, people feel glory, glad and proud to celebrate this day. Apart from this, on this special day, people like to post stories of martyrs and freedom fighters and have deep respect for them. Although I am migrating to Canada, I believe till my last breath I will be an Indian wherever and whenever my motherland needs me, I will definitely stand for it, so I think this is this 15th August is a wonderful day that I would definitely celebrate wherever in future I would be

Follow-ups Describe a Historical Period/time You Want to Know More About

Question 1. What can we learn from history?

Answer – I think from history we can learn our traditional culture and past happenings. For example, from family history, we can learn about our ancestors work, their profession and some medical problems that we are inheriting today because of transmission from ancestors genes.

Question 2. How can people get reliable historical informatively

Answer – nowadays, there are many sources from where one can have reliable historical information. First of all, there is an abundance of libraries nowadays from where we can borrow books to learn historical facts secondly Internet Internet is vast. It is just one click away from us, and we can search for any information from any. With facts and figures that make information more reliable

Question 3. How do you think famous historical figures can serve as models for young people today?

Answer – See many historical figures play a prominent role in his in the past such as Bhagat Singh Subhash Chandra Bose Mahatma Gandhi and so on I think People can opt them as a role models and can also participate in making today’s world more battle better

Question 4. Do people in your country like to visit museums?

Answer – If we talk about me then I can say I don’t have an interest in museums rather I can say most of the Indian people like to visit the museums because I believe from museum one can get to know about the tradition And culture apart from this we can also get to know about the very important historical moments do know for today’s generation.

Question 5. Who do you think likes to go to museums more – children or adults?

Answer – I think children like to visit museums most since they are really more curious to learn as much as possible. About historical moments apart from this they also have interests in this field because of their subjects such as history, especially.

Question 6. Do you think museums should be free of cost to enter?

Answer – I believe museums should not be free of cost because the exhibiters need to pay overhead charges, maintenance charges as well as huge rent of museum premises and I’m sure they have only two sources to cover up all these costs that would be a donation and entry fees so there must be entry fees for museums.

Question 7. Do you think local people and tourists should pay the same amount to enter a museum?

Answer – Yes I think so there would be no discrimination between the local or the tourists since the purpose of visiting museum definitely would be same of these parties so there must be equal payments for both parties

Question 8. How do you think the museums of the future might be different from the museums of today?

Answer – I believe no one can expect what the future holds as much I can foreseeable I can see those future museums would be lavished with modern technologies such as talking Roberts or the speaking pictures overhead projectors and so on

Question 9. How do you think the museums of the future might portray the 21st century?

Answer – it is difficult to answer this question, but I can see say that in future 21st century must have a prominent place since most of the advanced technologies are invented this year, and I believe all the inventions of this. Would be on display in museums in future

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