Describe a Goal That You Hope to Achieve in the Future

Describe a goal that you hope to achieve in the future or Describe your goal in life

  • what the goal is?
  • when you first began to have this goal?
  • how you would achieve the first step of your goal?
  • how easy or difficult do you think it will be to reach this goal?

Well, goals help a person to fulfill their wishes. So every person has set some goals in their life and to achieve those people do hard labor. Here I would like to speak about a goal that I have set, and my goal in life is to settle abroad for a greener pasture. I had this goal when I was in employment because many of my colleagues were migrating overseas for their bright future, and they painted a rosy picture of Canada. Since then, I have been trying hard to achieve my goal, and I know that initially, I have to clear IELTS with a higher band score. After that, I can think ahead. To achieve such a score is not everybody’s cup of tea. But with the hard work, it is achievable. First off, I felt diffident, but one of the good wishers really motivated me, and now I feel that it is not so difficult as I thought. So this is the goal that I have set, and I would definitely achieve it later or sooner.

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Part 3 Questions Describe a Goal That You Hope to Achieve in the Future

Question 1:- Should parents set goals for children?

Yes, parents can help their children in setting their goals, but they should not force them to set the goals that they want their child should achieve because children will not be internally motivated to achieve those goals, so if they set themselves, then they will do hard work to achieve those goals.


Question 2:- What would you feel if you couldn’t achieve your goals?

If I am unable to achieve my goal, then I will not feel diffidence as well as demotivated. Instead, I would set another goal with a different strategy to achieve my goal, and I will do the same thing until I achieve my goal.

Question 3:- When do young children start to set goals for themselves?

Well, at a very early age, young children start setting their goals because they are highly motivated by their parents, their relatives, as well as watching their favorite animated heroes. So they set their goal when they are minimal.

Question 4:- Do Indian people usually set goals?

Well, of course, Indian people set their goals because they are highly motivated by their peer groups as well as they are more eager to achieve their goals, and they have set different goals and different strategies they have to achieve them.

Question 5:- Why do people set goals?

People set goals because goals remind them of their dreams and make them able to do hard work to achieve those goals.

Question 6:- Do people need to write down targets or just memorize them?

Well, it depends on the people how they can make themselves realize their goals. Some people like to write down the goals that they want to achieve, and sometimes they keep them in mind. I think everyone has a different method to memorize their goals.

Question 7:- Do you think people should talk to others about their goals?

Yes, of course, people can talk to others about their goals, and it is with those people who need external motivation and who are indecisive. So they need others to make them remind about their goals. Therefore such kinds of people have a need to talk about their goals with others.

Question 8:- What is more rewarding, working towards the goal of achieving it?

Well, motivation is a kind of reward that people want from others in order to achieve their goals; if people are inspired and they are reminded timely about their goals, then they feel confident and work hard to achieve their goals.

Question 9:- Do you think it’s important to have realistic goals?

Yes, it is imperative to have realistic goals. After all, these goals motivate them to achieve those goals because these goals are genuine, and they really need the efforts, and people know that doing hard work and have a good strategy can only make their dreams come true. So setting realistic goals play a vital role.

Question 10:- Do young people and old individuals have different sorts of goals? What are they?

Well, of course, young people and oldsters have different types of goals. Young people want to get good grades in their academic program, and they have a dream to get a good job in a multinational company, whereas oldsters want to regain their old physique, and in order to get it, they do work out.

Question 11:- Is it always necessary to have something to aspire to in the future?

Yes, there must be a person or a thing that can inspire anyone to achieve their goal because people do well when they are externally motivated; However, they are internally motivated; external forces work a lot and prove the cake’s icing on the cake people.

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