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Describe a historical period you are interested in

# Describe a historical period you are interested in

You should say:

Sample Answer

I’m going to tell you about the Spanish conquest of the Incas, as I studied Latin American History at University. Put, The Incas always left me in awe (amazed). Furthermore, this has always been an essential subject to me, because the Incas made groundbreaking (amazing, new) achievements in mathematics, architecture, astronomy, and art. When I analyze (deeply study) the Spanish conquest, I reflect on the Inca’s historical significance, which has persevered despite the loss of civilization. This has moved (had an emotional effect) me. Now that you know why I’m fond of (like) this let me give you a summary of the ins and outs (details) of their story.

During this period, between 1532 and 1574, Spanish and Inca nobles brutally (bloody, cruel) fought for dominance in the region. The Spaniards believed that they should rule and that their moral beliefs were superior to the Incas. The Incas fought to protect their home territory. However, this is a difficult period in history, because many indigenous subjects joined the Spaniards in these battles. They saw red (to be angry) when it came to the Inca rule. The extra help ultimately led the Spanish to victory. I find this period fascinating because we can learn a lot from it in the present; you can see the correlation (relationship). Many scholars would like to know more about the Inca past, but learn very little because Spanish colonial writings are often dismissive (don’t accept) of Inca technology, and we don’t have Inca writings to help us understand them better. All in all, we learn that there are tragic historical consequences of colonial conquests, and we hope to learn from them in the present.

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