Describe a Hotel That You Know

Describe a hotel that you know.
You should say:
● where this hotel is
● what this hotel looks like
● what facilities this hotel has
Explain whether you think this is a nice hotel to stay in

Sample Answer to Describe a hotel that you know.

Well, I know a hotel which is in my city and its name is ‘HMT’ Hotel and it is beautifully decorated and the external structure of the building is not less than a palace as it is spacious enough and can accommodate 200 people. It has a big park and parking facility is excellent as people do not have to park their vehicles on the road. Apart from it, it serves delicious food and takeaway facilities make it more prominent in other areas too.

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Last weekend, I visited there to celebrate my birthday party and I was taken aback to see the cleanliness of it as one cannot see a single trace of dirt there. The service was up to the mark. We were treated nicely there and we were their first customer who won 2 vouchers for lunch. It is a great place to organize parties, weddings too. I recommended others as it does not cost them as an arm and a leg. So, this is the hotel which I like and love to go there frequently.

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