Describe a surprise party that you organized for your friend

Describe a surprise party that you organized for your friend.

-What was the occasion?

-Where you organized it?

-How you did it?

And explain how you felt about it.

Well, I have attended a plethora of parties in my whole life such as a birthday party,  anniversary party and so on. But here I would like to talk about a surprise birthday party that I had arranged for my friend Saba. I explain it briefly.

Last year in the month of December, Saba’s birthday was on 5th December. She is my best friend but she belongs to a middle-class family. About two days before her birthday, she told me that she did not have enough money to celebrate her birthday. As a result, she felt gloomy. I wished that she should celebrate her birthday with great enthusiasm.

Then, I thought about the idea of organizing a surprise birthday party for Saba. I shared it with my mother and asked for help. She got ready to do. Actually,  I have been receiving my pocket money for 2000 rupees every month. I am used to saving some money from it because my mom said that it is a good thing to save money.  We can use it in our need.

I purchased decoration accessories for the decoration in Saba’s birthday party. On the day of Saba’s birthday, we both met at college but I had not wished her for her birthday. She was looking gloomy. Perhaps, she thought about my behavior which I did on that day. We together attended all the lectures and in the evening, she went to her house. I also came back to my home.

After then, In the evening, I had organized a birthday party for Saba on the roof of my home. My mom helped me. I  did decoration on the whole roof like a bridal with colorful balloons. Besides,  A chocolate cake was baked by my mother for Saba. I informed Saba’s mother about my plan and prohibited her to tell anything to Saba. She obeyed with me. Then, I called Saba via mobile phone. I said to her to come to my home quickly. When she came to my home, I opened the door and covered her eyes with a piece of cloth.

I took her on the roof of my home. My family and Saba’s mom were available there. I removed that piece of cloth from her eyes and all the persons who available in the party started clapping for Saba. She felt highly elated. She thanked me. Further, she cut the cake. I gave her a present, as well as other persons, gave different presents to her.

All in all, she thanked me again for such a beautiful party. When I saw my friend’s smile, then I felt myself on the ninth cloud by happiness.

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Describe a surprise party that you organized for your friend

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