Describe a House or Apartment You Would Like to Live In

Describe a house or apartment you would like to live in. You should say:

  • where it is / Where it would be?
  • what you would (like to) do there?
  • who you would (like to) live therewith?
  • and explain why you would like to live in this place?

Sample Answer of Describe a House or Apartment You Would Like to Live In

So there are so many places which I want to visit or live in but there is one particular place where I want to spend my entire life and that would be I want to buy an apartment in a gated community so please is actually in one of the most developed areas in the city I want to already good home in the in a similar gated community and I want to read a created and construct design it from the scratch because I always had this dream since my childhood everyone prefers to spend time with their friends and family I too want to with my family and occasionally I would like to invite my friends as well I was very happy and I was on cloud 9 when I bought this place so what to move gradually to that place and this apartment since it is in a gated community it has a lots of amenities such as gym recreation club indoor activities like a table tennis chairs and there are so many outdoor facilities as well and after coming back from my work want to rejuvenate and spend time for myself there is also a new car center which relaxes good relaxation I get to spend time with my family.

Follow-ups of Describe a House or Apartment You Would Like to Live In

Question 1:- Do you think it’s better to rent or to buy a place to live in?

Answer- It actually depends upon the financial situation of any individual, so if a person is sustainable enough to bear all the expenses to buy a house, then the person can go ahead and select an independent home. On the other hand, if the person does not want to take any risk and wants to live in a much more peaceful way, then it is better to rent an apartment.

Question 2:- How easy is it to find a place to live in your country?

Answer- During the olden days, it was very easier to buy a place because the population was low, and there was not much rapid urbanization. It is because of the rapid growth in the population that most of the cities do not have the space to even buy an independent house, and most of the people are announced switching to gated communities. According to my finding a place this in any way any kind of city would be a difficult process

Question 3:- Do you agree that there is a right age for young adults to stop living with their parents?

Answer- Yes definitely So once a child is 18 years then they have to be independent by themselves, so during their grad graduation they have to dear all their expenses and if possible work in a part-time job but in my country, this kind of procedure has not been followed, and most of the students are still dependent on their parents for their undergraduate as well.

Question 4:- What options are available to young couples looking for accommodation in your country?

Answer- Unfortunately, in my country, young couples do face problems when they search for a house or an apartment because there are so many cultural differences and owners. They still have some census in printing their houses, and they put on several conditions such as they have to maintain their home properly they should not cook on vegetarian foods and etc., so there are so many circumstances where people have to search even for months to find a place.

Question 5:- What are some of the pleasures involved in making a home for ourselves?

Answer- There are so many happy and pleasurable feelings when we buy or rent a home for ourselves because we get to spend time with ourselves, we get to learn cooking and manage the entire home by ourselves. I’m so most of the people they used to depend on their parents but nowadays most of the youngsters they are moving out of their home along with that they are also engaging in some part-time jobs which also helps them to manage their expenses and their annual expenditures at the same time they are also making lots of investments in mutual funds and stock markets evenly they will have a bright future by staying independent.

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