Describe a Lesson that You Remember Well: Recent Speaking Test

Describe a lesson that you remember well; You should say

  • When it was?
  • Where it was?
  • What do you do?
  • What does your teacher do?
  • Why It was special?

Sample 1

There are so many aspects which we come across in our day to day life and we get to learn a lot of lessons from it as well so today I want to talk about one such incident which I had faced in my life few years back so it happened during the second year of my engineering and it was in a computer lab examinations going on and unfortunately I got the most difficult experiment so in such situations normally a student has to write the output and then go into the computer once the code has been written the output will be generated and then it has to be shown to the faculty so what I did was I wrote the code properly but when I was executed it into the computer it’s Road an error since I was not getting the required output I changed the code and then I showed the wrong output to the teacher the faculty crossed the board he found that I had committed an error wanted LIC it was angry at the beginning call me and give a piece of advice at the beginning I was very upset upsetting situation to me as well as her but later on I was on Cloud Nine when she called me separately and spoke to me about that incident I was your learnt that not to cheat in exam and not to lie whatsoever it is in future not to hurt others by cheating because that was just a small incident but in future there would be lots of other consequences.

Sample 2

I have learned many lessons in my school time as well as in my degree years. But here I am going to talk about one important lesson during college time. I remember that it was my last semester, and I was enrolled in the particular course AutoCAD. I learned this course three years ago at the well-known university Sankalchand Patel University situated in Visnagar. I am fond of designing in AutoCAD software, that’s why I selected this course. This course is related to my career. I completed this course within three months. There are lots of things I have learned, just like beginning to advanced level. At starting level, I learnt about different shapes that are used for different designs. My tutor, Mr Parakh shah, was such a genuine person who taught me that course very easily with kind nature. Apart from that, he also taught me 2D and 3D designs. On this level, I have to make views such as front, top and side or rear. At the end of this course, I learnt 3d commands. Besides that, this course is related to my career and fieldwork. I was curious to learn it as this is well connected to my interest and passion for being an architect.

Follow-ups of Describe a Lesson that You Remember Well Recent Speaking Test

Question 1:- What can people do to help themselves remember information for their everyday needs?

Answer 1:- There are many ways that can help people to remember things. Firstly, people make a list of their own schedules. Another one is to set alarms that remind them to settle their work as well as important things.

Answer 2:- People do not have the time to remember all the things which they want to do, and they tend to forget very easily so one technique which I would suggest is that make a note of whatever activity has to be done most of a Sona mobile nowadays and there are so many applications which tell us the activities which we can do and why it is highly recommended to make a note of whatever the things we have to do.

Question 2:- What do you think of people using calendars to remind themselves of things?

Answer 1:- I think that calenders are useful for remembering things. For instance, in this technological era, humans put reminders of someone’s birthday and anniversary as well as any special moments to remind them of the particular time.

Answer 2:- During the work the calendar is the best way to remember because in our generation because of a busy Lifestyle we forget even the important events which we have to attend so making reminders on the calendar helps us to remember and attend the event no matter what the situation is.

Question 3:- What kind of things do people forget easily?

Answer 1:- Generally, people forget their own responsibilities to obey their elders due to the influence of western culture. Also, people forget their basic necessities due to their busy, hectic schedules.

Answer 2:- Nowadays, people, so many things and one such an easy example would be the names numbers previous generation people did not make a note of any name of a number on their mobile phones but nowadays do they have so many devices they easily tend to forget the name immediately after 5 minutes of meeting the person.

Question 4:- How can people improve their memory?

Answer 1:- The best way to improve memory power is to do yoga and meditate. Also, we can put reminders in our room and on mobile phones.

Answer 2:- There are so many ways to improve our intelligence. We can solve puzzles on a daily basis expressly after coming back from work, solving puzzles and remembering that things that also activate our brain and for kids are different kinds of sports activities can be inculcated in their daily life.

Question 5:- What do sometimes people forget things they don’t want to do?

Answer 1:- Sometimes people they’re a driving licence to go outside o their vehicles. Also, they may forget their wallet and necessary, I’d proof in an emergency situation.

Answer 2:- So many activities which people forget on a daily basis, so one such thing which I forget is to water the plants. Because of my daily schedule and heavy tasks from the project forgot to plant to water the plants, and it eventually made the plants dry off.

Question 6:- Which do you think is more important to remember, a business meeting or a meeting with a friend?

Answer 1:- I think both meetings are easily remembered. As I talk about in business meetings, we have taken the necessary and important decision to make a profit from our business. However, a friend meeting is easily remembered because we have had a happy time together and talking with friends at easily remembered.

Answer 2:- According to I feel that both are important in their respective ways because a profession is very important and we need to have a constant cal with the business clients and pretending to forget this might impact our feedback or reprisal a good communication and regular M with a friend is equally important, and I would suggest that business meetings we can arrange it over the weekdays and on Saturdays and Sundays we can spend time with our friends.

Question 7:- Why is it difficult for some people to remember things?

Answer 1:- I think that due to busy, hectic schedules, many individuals forget their own responsibilities, such like to take care of their children and elders. Also, they may let go of their routine nutritious food and eat junk food which may harm their health.

Answer 2:- I feel that it is because of the increased Technology people nowadays don’t remember, and they tend to know down everything on their mobiles. People decrease gradually noting down everything in any device they can remember and test if they are able to capture the information for how much overtime they need to.

Question 8:- What kind of people is more forgetful?

Answer 1:- I think that people who are engaged with their business life may forget to take care of their children, and those who are suffered from mental stress and depression may forget all kinds of things related to them.

Answer 2:- I feel that the elders tend to forget things often it is because of their age-related the health problems, and they have already seen a lot of experience with a lot of things in their life, and now in their old age, they don’t tend to remember anything easily that even some studies have shown that our memory power decreases with the increase in age.

Question 9:- In what situations is it important to remember information very well?

Answer 1:- Generally, in doctor’s appointments, school parent-teacher meetings, and any job interview, People can’t forget.

Answer 2:- Some basic information which we need to remember is for that the daily activities have to be remembered such as buying groceries or milk because without it is, we cannot start our day, and along with that we need to remember the meetings which have been scheduled for the day because we don’t plan our day then we might end up in big trouble.

Question 10:- Which is better for keeping childhood memories, photos or videos?

Answer 1:- I think both are important for children to remember any information. For instance, from visual things such as videos and photos, pupils can understand easily, and that kind of thing may easily remember them in the long term.

Answer 2:- Both photos, as well as videos, are important because, in videos, we can literally see what the situation was and what we were doing at that time, but each and every time, it is difficult to go back and play the videos during my childhood days the Orphan had a webcam or something like to video cam, and we have to computer and then watch it however photos are easily available we can view it whenever we want because it is all the a stuck in a photo album.

Question 11:- Can people rely on their memory when recalling events from the past?

Answer 1:- I think that people can easily rely on the events that happened in the past, and it’s remembering such kinds of things that makes more memory to make them happy.

Answer 2:- Who is obviously, people can remember a lot of things stored in their brain because I remember a lot of things, and I have numerous Memories whenever my parents were friends, wanted to recollect any memory back come back to me, and they also praised me on their own that you have a very good memory I also have a tendency to remember that date and fine of when that incident has occurred as well.

Question 12:- Do you think keeping a diary can lead to creating false memories?

Answer 1:- Yes. Keeping a diary may lead to wrong memories. For instance, we keep a record of past friends and their numbers, but at a certain period, it would not help us and become worthless.

Answer 2:- Not exactly because most of the people who maintain a diary write whatever incident as a Goa immediately so they don’t anything in a wrong which is MS which is false which is something which is that hasn’t occurred so I will you that maintaining memories in a diary also using one way to recollect some years.

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