Describe a Job that You Think Is Interesting: Cue Card

Describe a job that you think is interesting.

  • What is it?
  • Why do you think it is interesting?
  • How do you know it?
  • What necessary skills does it need?

Semple : Describe a Job that You Think Is Interesting: Cue Card

I think driving is a very interesting job, especially for pilots, because you need to control the full plane. When I was a child, I also wanted to become a pilot, but after some research, I found that to become a pilot, we need to work hard and have an intelligent mind. Unfortunately, I don’t have that high IQ and can’t drive a plane.

So, it is very interesting for me because of my uncle, who is also a pilot. When I was a child, he always came in the holidays whenever he was free and always told me stories about how weather affects the conditions of planes and how he controls them.

It is a position of great responsibility, and if you want to become a pilot, you need to work hard and know basic science and mathe. There is very hard training that one must grow through to become a pilot, and you also need to be physically and mentally fit.

Pilots have a very tight schedule and need to access the environment in different countries, which may stress their minds.

Part 2 Questions : Describe a Job that You Think Is Interesting: Cue Card

Question 1. What jobs are popular among younger people in India?

Answer:-Nowadays, IT and social media Jobs are more popular because in this field, they get a higher salary than others, and some youngsters have their own social media accounts and post different kinds of videos to get more views. If they get more views, they earn more money, and it is easy to get if you have a talent for creating content.

Question 2. What are the differences between high-paid jobs and low-paid jobs in India?

Answer:- There is a major difference between a high-paid job and a low-paid job. High-paying jobs like artist actors and some other jobs like software engineers, and in these jobs, only mental stability is required. As for low-paying jobs, they demand physical fitness, and these jobs are very underrated as far as their skills are concerned.

Question 3. What is the proper time for young people to plan their future careers so they become more serious in the future

Answer:- I think for young people to choose their career after becoming adults because after that age they become more serious about their future plans and already have some knowledge. At this age, they have already started to study in universities and have already chosen their fields, so I say they become more serious about their future at the adult age.

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