Describe a Job that You Think Is Interesting

Describe a job that you think is interesting.

  • Why did you hate it?
  • What genre was the movie?
  • When did you watch it?

Sample 1: Describe a Job that You Think Is Interesting

Well, there are various kinds of movies that I like to watch. It ranges from action, comedy and horror. Here I would like to speak about the movie which I disliked the most. It was an action movie, Tiger Zinda Hai. I watched it with my husband at weekends.

Initially, I was very excited because the beginning of the movies started with one of the favourite stars of the public, Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif. As the movie progressed, violence and criminal activities lost my interest in the movie.

There was great bloodshed, and I thought there would be some comical elements, but in the movie, such entertainment was completely absent.

I think such kinds of movies really instigate the public to be so nationalistic, who don’t even hesitate to murder other communities without any reason.

So nationalism has become the main root of such kind of hatred in the country. Now, many kinds of crimes occur in society, and this all happens due to following the film industry.

Many criminals have set famous celebrities as their role models, and they do the same as they watch in the movies. So I dislike Such kinds of movies to watch.

Sample 2: Describe a Job that You Think Is Interesting

I am a silly file person, and in my life, I watch several films on Netflix or sometimes in the theatre. Some movies are my favourites, but a few new movies could be better, including Kadar. It is a Punjabi movie whose lead actor is a singer who is also a very famous singer of Punjab.

He sings a lot of good songs in Punjab. I did not know exactly the name of the actress actually what happened was that last Sunday my friend and I decided to watch a movie. so we went to a nearby theatre in that theatre our favourite movie was this played.

Still, we didn’t get at the kids, so we decided to watch the movie, but neither my friend nor I liked Punjabi movies. But I bought the tickets so it was too boring and dull when we started to watch the movie.

The Script was not written correctly, so I think the actors’ direction and acting were incredibly bad. There was no suspension of any action, no Romance, nothing was in the movie.

So I was really in this appointment and thought it was a total waste of money, and I felt very sad even though I left the show minutes ago and returned home in the future. I decided that firstly, I watched the reviews. After that, I will watch a movie.

Part 3 Questions: Describe a Job that You Think Is Interesting

Question 1:- What types of movies are popular in India?

Answer 1:- Well, in India, various kinds of movies are popular, like comedy, action, horror. People watch this kind of movie according to their tastes.

Answer 2:- In India, most people like romantic movies, but nowadays, most People watch animated movies and some fictional movies.

Question 2:- Why are Japanese animation movies so popular?

Answer 1:- Japanese movies are so popular because of their style, plot and structure. The natural scenery of the place also makes the films more popular. For example, there are various kinds of TV shows that are designed for younger children, and they are very popular among children like Shin-chan and Doraemon.

Answer 2:- Most animated movies in Japan are famous because firstly they use a very good camera for making good creatures and another answer secondly I said their story is incredible and also their actors and actresses are very Experienced so most youngsters and children like Japanese series.

Question 3:- Does the older generation like animated movies?

Answer 1:- Yes, the older generation also likes animated movies because these animated movies remind them of their childhood days, like how they used to watch in their childhood. Moreover, these are full of fun, laughter and tragedy, so they take more interest in them.

Answer 2:- No, Indian people mostly like religious movies and some Bollywood movies that are from 1919, so they do not like Japanese movies because they are out of their taste. For example, my grandmother always watches some serious problems and sometimes daily soaps.

Question 4:- Do famous actors have an impact on movies?

Answer 1:- Yes, famous actors have a great impact on movies. If the story is flopped and the film has a low budget, the leading actor compels the public to watch it, and people make this movie a blockbuster.

Answer 2:- Actors play a crucial role in any movie. For example, if Salman Khan is doing the same movie as the new star, it’s natural that the movie Salman Khan will be more successful than the new actor, but the story of the movie was one of the main factors except film stars.

Question 5:- Should famous actors be given extra money?

Answer 1:- Well, it depends upon their acting, the story, and the message they give to the public in the end. If they really have done great hard work and have the role according to the norms of society, then they must be given additional money, and this thing will influence other film stars to make such kind of films which can shape the behaviour of the individuals and can lead a country on the path of progress.

Answer 2:- Because they do very hard work to be successful in their life and famous stars mostly help to be famous, I think if they get extra money, it does not harm society or the director.

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