Describe a Job You Would Not Like to Do: Recent Speaking Test

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Describe a job you would not like to do. You should say:

  • what the job is?
  • how do you know about it?
  • whether it is an easy or difficult job?
  • and explain why you would not like to do it?

Sample Answer of Describe a Job You Would Not Like to Do

Well, there are different kinds of jobs that people love to do in order to earn bread and butter as well as for a high living standard; but, in my case, I wouldn’t like to do the job of marketing executive that I got to know from one of my friends, who had been working in an MNC in Mohali. I consider this job a very tedious one because it has many field trips as well as door to door service and many targets. In order to achieve those targets, employees sometimes sacrifice their leisure time. Besides, I wouldn’t like to do this job due to the unlimited working schedule, and this will not leave me enough time for myself and for my family. Sometimes I have to cut my recreational times in order to meet the deadlines. Also, there is no stability, and it’s very difficult to convince people to buy the products. When people are in this line, convincing others nowadays is very difficult due to cutthroat competition in the industries. So people are very clever nowadays they think twice before purchasing any product. So I think this is a reason that doesn’t allow me to do this job.

Follow-ups of Describe a Job You Would Not Like to Do: Recent Speaking Test

Question 1:- How do you think AI (artificial intelligence) will affect people’s work?

Answer- Well, artificial intelligence will have a great impact on the jobs of the people, and all the jobs will be taken by computers, and people will be fired from their respective jobs.

Question 2:- What would you say are the important factors to consider when choosing a career?

Answer- Well, many things must be considered like time schedule, location, staff and stipend. It must also be considered whether the company has allowances for the staff and stability.

Question 3:- That technology will make some people lose their jobs. How do you think this problem should be handled?

Answer- Yes, there are higher chances of losing the job for the employees, but by equipping the old workers by giving training and other essential skills, the problem of redundancy can be solved. In this way, a company can retain its old employees and can get their services for another more years.

Question 4:- Would you ever move to work and live in another city?

Answer- Yes, if I get other lucrative offers, then I would not hesitate to move from one post to another, and it doesn’t matter that I might get a job in a rural area or in an urban one. The main thing that matters flexible working hours, good salary and cooperative staff.

Question 5:- Is it common in your country for people to move to other cities because of work?

Answer- Yes, it’s very common in my country because people move from one city to another in case they get higher packages as well as other facilities free of cost like accommodation, transport.

Question 6:- When young people choose their jobs, which do you think is usually more important, the salary or their interest in the work?

Answer- Well, youngsters see a lot of things while choosing a job. They pay attention to salary as well as other facilities such as accommodation, transport facility but in my perspective interest in a job is more important than a good salary because people will not feel frustrated and they will enjoy their work, and there are higher chances of getting success.

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