Some People Think Personal Happiness Is Directly Related to Economic Success

Some people think personal happiness is directly related to economic success, while others believe this depends on other factors. Discuss both sides and give your own opinion.

Some People are of the view that happiness is directly proportional to economic success, while others have an opinion that many different factors are also responsible for leading a happy life. Living a joyful life has a different meaning for every individual.

People who believe that the secret to a happy life is dependent directly on the monetary aspects are partially correct. Economic growth is an essential part of the kind of life one wants to live. They want to acquire materialistic goods and services, which without having good economic growth isn’t possible. For instance, a person who has an impressive net worth would always want more and more assets in their life. Another person having an attractive salary can live a life they have dreamt of. People work hard to achieve more, and in today’s time, the achievement is only measured by how many financial resources one attains. People are often judged by the Vehicle they drive, Branded clothes they wear, and this makes them recognizable in society.

On the other hand, Few others believe happiness is not merely restricted to economic growth but also to various other factors. Likewise, People who are social helpers may not earn a handsome salary and may not enjoy the perks of a good life. But for them, happiness is dependent upon the amount of help they can provide to society. They are constantly working and are driven by the causes society faces. Few others also believe in spending time with their loved ones. This makes them happy. Every person is required to work to earn money for their livelihood. How they pursue and find happiness is directly related to their desires and fulfillments. It’s correctly said never judge a book by its cover. What may look tempting may be poisonous on the other side. 

To sum up, Living a balanced life where you are driven to earn more and also determined to provide someone help is a good way to live. Family plays an important part in life; in the race of achievements, we often ignore our elderly who, after retirement, is dependent on us and want some kind of attention from us. We should not ignore them for the sacrifices they have made for our demands. Making others happy brings more happiness and joy.

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