Describe a large company that you know

Describe a large company that you know

you should say

  1. what kind of company it is?
  2. what does the company do?
  3. why you are interested in it?
  4. explain how you became interested in this company.

sample answer:

Business is not my cup of coffee as I’m never that finance-oriented nor into administration. However, when Amazon was started, it drew my attention. Initially, I remember it used to sell books of various genres, and many of my bosom friends recommended me to use this website amazon app to buy books, they also used to have kindles also for the active reader.

Slowly the company expanded its roots and started e-shopping, which was a huge success as it made netizens glue to their screens. All kinds of stuff was available right from kitchenware grocery baby items to even interiors of the house. It’s like at one click we can easily access what we want, window shop, choose the best, and leave the rest.


Then they introduced the on delivery cash money-back policies, which were immense fundraisers to the company. I’m inclined to know how this organization operates as it started from a small institute with minimal staff and now has to call centers to meet the requirements of its vast customers. Moreover, the employees are satisfied as this kind of business is less risky.


There are many large and successful corporations in the world today like google, Reliance, Amazon, and so on. The company I want to work in is General Motors. General Motors is a large American origin multinational company with offices around the world. For an engineer, it’s like a dream Company to work with.

It is not just famous in automobile brands but it’s one of the pioneer engineering companies to design gigantic power plants and other energy equipment. Almost every country in the world uses one or more equipment for energy creation.

My fascination with this General Motors started during my undergraduate engineering studies. For my assignment and thesis, I used to refer to various designs of their engines for references. Even, I used a virtual model of the Internal Combustion Engine for illustration in my presentations, of course with legal copyrights. Since then I am totally captured with their growth in the engineering sector, especially in the energy sector.

Recently, I had a chance to work with some of its specialist engineers as they were providing training to us on how to use their turbomachinery installed on one of our power plant projects. I was greatly surprised by their abilities and engineering skills. Preferably, I would like to work with General Motors someday to quench my engineering passion.

This is the end of speaking(Describe a large company that you know)

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