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Describe a Long Car Journey You Went on.

Describe a long car journey you went on
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Describe a long car journey you went on.

– Where you went.
– What you did at this place.
– Who you went there with.
and Explain why you went on that journey by car.

Sample Answer:-


Well, I love travelling by my own car specially long Car drives. This thing help us me to get a chance to enjoy my life with my friends or family. So here I would like to talk about a long car journey which I did about 3 months ago. Actually on that time, I went to Delhi with my friends. I describe it briefly.
What happened exactly?

When and Where?

About 3 months ago, there were my summer vacations. Some of my friends and I decided to go somewhere to visit historical place. After proper discussion, we decided to go to Delhi by car.
Delhi is 377.7 km far away from my hometown. So, It was a long journey.
We started our journey in morning at 4 o’clock in order to avoid traffic on the way. Also it helped us to escape us from the scorching heat of sun. We enjoyed pleasant Weather in morning.

What you did during this car journey?

During this journey, we also visited a beautiful Park on the way. Actually one of my friends suddenly said me to stop the car on the way. Then he told me that he had seen a beautiful Park and he started insisting all friends to go there. So we visited this Park named “Naveen Park”.
Apart from it, during this long car journey, we stopped our car on restaurant named “Dharma Karma Punjabi Restaurant”. There, we ate food according to our own choice. We enjoyed the food service of this restaurant.
Moreover, when we were going to Delhi on car, I clicked some pictures of my friends as well as mine to make these moments memorable. We also clicked a group photo and I had hung it on the wall of my home.
So after 6 hours, we reached Delhi. There, we visited some tourist places such as , red Fort, India Gate, rose garden in president house, food streets and so on.
In Delhi, we stayed at Hotel for 2 days. After visiting beautiful places in Delhi, we came back to home to complete the pending work of summer vacations.


All in all, it was a memorable long car journey which I enjoyed very much. It filled me with happiness and love. I will never forget this journey during my whole life.

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