Describe a Park that Has Changed a Lot in Recent Years

Describe a park that has changed a lot in recent years

  • Where is it?
  • When did you visit it for the first time?
  • What changes have happened
  • Are these changes good or bad?

Sample Answer of Describe a Park that Has Changed a Lot in Recent Years

Well, I have been to so many parks in my life, but I have never seen too many changes in any park which I have seen in the city park, which is located around the corner from my abode. I vividly remember that when my family shifted to a new apartment, I first visited that park.

Older people used to go there to relax. This park dramatically changed after the initiative of the local authorities and serious efforts within the span of time. It developed with so many facilities.

Firstly, in the middle of the park, there is a fountain with colourful lights, which lights significantly at night. There is a wind chime around the park when the breeze is going on, and it gives the ear a soothing voice. There are a few newly opened shops, and visitors can pamper their appetite while walking or sitting in the park.

Moreover, the area is also increased to play games for children. After the changes, this park is not only for the older generation but for people from all walks of life who could spend their leisure time.

Sample Answer 2 of Describe a Park that Has Changed a Lot in Recent Years

The park I’m referring to is Central Park in New York City. I first visited Central Park about 15 years ago, and it was already a great place to stay. But in recent years, it has undergone some significant changes that have made it even more spectacular.

One of the most significant changes is the renovation of the landscape. In the past, the park was dominated by a few large grassy areas. Now, the landscape features all sorts of different terrains and features, including winding paths and trails, flower gardens, and rock gardens. It’s also been updated with new benches and other seating areas, making visitors more comfortable.

Another major change is that there are now a lot more activities to do in the park. There are playgrounds, sports fields, food stalls, picnic areas, and even an outdoor theatre where people can watch plays and concerts.

Overall, I think the changes to Central Park have been very positive. It’s now an even more beautiful and vibrant place to visit and spend time.

Follow Up Questions Describe a Park that Has Changed a Lot in Recent Years

Question 1:- Why is there less attendance of youngsters in the parks these days?

Answer 1 – In my opinion, Shankar is more preferred to go to the entertainment sites like pubs, clubs, cinema halls, shopping Centres, etc. They do not spend their time in the parks. They mostly prefer to play sports games in the playgrounds.

Answer 2 – There are a variety of reasons why fewer young people are attending parks these days. One of the most prominent reasons is that technology and social media have provided many young people with alternative forms of entertainment and communication. Additionally, the rise of video games and streaming services has made it easier for young people to stay home and be entertained in the comfort of their own homes. Additionally, many young people may feel that parks do not provide the same level of entertainment that they can find online or at home. Finally, the current pandemic has made it more difficult for young people to attend parks due to health and safety concerns.

Question 2:- How can we improve the parks?

Answer 1 – According to my perspective, there are several facilities which could be improved in the parks. There should be fountains that relax the eyes, wind chimes for soothing voices, literary shops to have meals, and a gym facility so youngsters can exercise.

Answer 2 – We can improve parks by providing more recreational activities, such as sports courts, playgrounds, and group fitness classes. We can also add more walking paths and benches for people to relax and enjoy the scenery. Additionally, we can offer more educational programming to help people learn about the park’s history, wildlife, and plants. We should also install more trash cans and recycling bins, and provide more frequent maintenance to keep the park clean. Finally, we should provide better lighting, landscaping, and security to make people feel safe while they enjoy the park.

Question 3:- How can we increase the number of parks?

Answer 1 – In my opinion, the blanket area should be converted into Deepak so that the public can use it wisely rather than throw garbage in vacant places. Moreover, the government should take the initiative to build new parks for the public.

Answer 2 – We can increase the number of parks by allocating more public funds to creating and maintaining parks, encouraging private initiatives to develop and manage parks, and working with local communities to identify areas that can be converted into parks. Additionally, cities can pursue zoning ordinances that require new developments to set aside land for parks or recreation areas and work with local developers to create green spaces.

Question 4:- What activities do you prefer when visiting a park?

Answer 1 – I mostly visit the park for a walk and running so that I can stay fit as a fiddle. Moreover, I also do yoga and meditation to relax and calm my mind. Parks also act as a stress buster for me. In addition, sometimes I go there to study because there is a very calm atmosphere so I can concentrate more focus fully.

Answer 2 – I prefer to spend my time outdoors in a park by engaging in a variety of recreational activities. I enjoy going on nature walks, bird watching, jogging, playing frisbee or other sports, picnicking, and having a barbecue. I also like to take some time to sit and relax, read, or even take a nap in the sunshine. I will also take advantage of any available playgrounds or other amenities, such as fishing ponds, skate parks, and disc golf courses. I also enjoy exploring gardens, ponds, and other natural features of a park and taking photographs. Ultimately, I appreciate the chance to get out into nature and enjoy the fresh air and the beauty of the outdoors.

Question 5:- Are public parks essential in India? What do you think are the benefits of having the park in the city?

Answer 1 – Definitely, parks are significant in India because it helps the umpteen people. First and foremost is that there is a very congested area. Therefore, people have built their houses in tiny places. So they do not have a yard or big balconies where they can sit and sunbathe. They visit the park for this purpose. Moreover, they also visit parks for a walk or running and do physical activities to stay warm and hearty.

Answer 2 – Public parks are essential in India. They provide an important source of recreation, exercise, and relaxation for people of all ages. Parks also benefit the environment by reducing air pollution and providing wildlife habitat, which helps improve biodiversity. Additionally, parks can provide spaces for social interaction and community activities, thus fostering a sense of unity and belonging. Finally, parks can be a source of economic benefits, such as increased property values in the surrounding area and increased tourism. In conclusion, public parks are essential in India, offering a variety of benefits to both people and the environment.

Question 6:- Do you think there are enough public parks in your hometown?

Answer 1 – I don’t think so there are enough parks in my hometown. There are parks available every 5 km distance, which is so far for walking. Also, there is so much crowd in the morning and evening time. In my opinion, there should be more parks in my locality, so that people could be divided according to their nearest parks.

Answer 2 – No, I don’t think there are enough public parks in my hometown. There are not enough safe and natural places for people to walk, exercise, and spend time outdoors. Parks are a great way to bring people together and help create a sense of community. Unfortunately, there are not enough places that provide these benefits in my hometown. Many of the existing parks are also in disrepair and lack the resources necessary to maintain them properly. This means that too few people have access to the benefits that public parks can provide.

Question 7:- How do people of different age groups use public parks?

Answer 1 – From my perspective, older people visit the park for walking, jogging, yoga and meditation to stay fit. On the other side, Younger people mostly prefer to go to the park to meet with their friends, study, and exercise. Kids prefer to go to parks to take swings and play with their toys.

Answer 2 – People of different age groups use public parks in a variety of ways. Young children may use the park to play on the playground equipment, while teens may come to the park to play sports or hang out with friends. Adults may use the park to exercise or relax and enjoy the outdoors. Older adults may visit the park to take a leisurely walk or to participate in organized activities. Public parks are an important resource for people of all ages to come together and enjoy the outdoors.

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