Describe a Party You Attended During New Year’s Day

Describe a party you attended during new year’s Day

  • whose party it was?
  • where the party was held and who went to it?
  • what do people do during the party?

Sample 1 Describe a Party You Attended During New Year’s Day

Usually, for new year’s eve, I prefer to attend parties organized by friends or family members. We gathered at one’s place and enjoyed ourselves, but we decided to attend the college’s new year party last year.

There were two main reasons for attending that party. Firstly, we all were graduating that year, so there would be our last college party, and secondly, actor Arjun Rampal was DJ that night. We all were super excited.

I decided on the dress code for our group. I chose black colour as everyone has a black outfit and it looks elegant as well. We met at my place around eight, and It took an hour to reach the college because of traffic.

Our college campus is enormous, so we captured group photos at many places on campus. Then we all danced for a while. After that, we tried some starters and appetizers. Among starters, Manchurian was delicious.

After that, we also met our professors and clicked photos with them. Then we again joined the dance floor. Before 10 seconds to 12o clock countdown started and we all joined in and welcomed the new year with new hope for the future. It was a fun night, and I cannot forget that new year’s eve.

Sample 2 Describe a Party You Attended During New Year’s Day

New Year’s event the year before was an amazing experience for my family and me. The joy that comes with the first day of the
the new year is unmatched, and hence we ensure to celebrate new year’s eve on a grand scale.

On the 31st of December evening, one of my uncle’s family invited us to their party and all their friends were invited as well. They had booked a bungalow for an overnight stay with a swimming pool, and the bungalow’s owner provided catering services.

We reached the bungalow around 7 pm, and then we all enjoyed the place’s ambience. Initially, People were busy catching up with each other, meeting after a long time and then the games started.

My uncle organized the best party as he planned games for every age group, and also, at last, we had a house which was played by all the age groups people. We had our dinner and later cut the cake to celebrate new year’s eve.

Music was played, and everybody came onto the dance floor. People usually love to eat, drink, dance and repeat the party. This party was unforgettable as I made several friends who were my uncle’s friends’ kids, and the firecrackers lit up made the night more memorable.

Part 3 Questions Describe a Party You Attended During New Year’s Day

Question 1:- Do children like to party?

Answer 1:-Indeed, they love parties, especially birthday parties. They like to dress up and meet their friends. The main attraction for them is cake and pizza. They play games, dance to music and have much fun. They are also tempted by the return gifts they receive at parties.

Answer 2:- Yes, children are always excited to attend parties. One of the main reasons is to meet their friends and play along with them. They get to wear good clothes and also have cakes and chocolates at these parties. There are several games which make their enthusiasm more prominent. However, if they don’t get to attend parties due to some reason, they can really get upset and feel bad about it. Normally, the colour dress parties are also organized in school as children would love to skip the uniform for a day and enjoy themselves.

Question 2:- Do adults like to party?

Answer 1:- Indubitably, adults crave parties. It is the best escape from the routine monotonous life. They forget about their worries and have fun with their friends and family. They meet new people, play games, dance and a lot more. Adult parties include alcohol, which is why they love parties so much.

Answer 2:- Adults are also very enthusiastic when it comes to the party. This is a way of spending time with their close ones and having a break from the hectic schedule of daily lives. Whether it is a house party or a club party, people make sure to enjoy it to the fullest by having good food and drinks to keep their mood uplifted throughout. The adults have been partying a lot more than children, whether it is someone’s birthday, anniversary or office party.

Question 3:- Do you like loud music at parties?

Answer 1:- To be honest, I love loud music. I am a party animal, and I love to dance. Dancing to loud music gives a different vibe. I know it creates a lot of noise pollution, but loud music energizes my batteries.

Answer 2:- No, not at all. I am not fond of loud music or even parties. I go once a blue to any such parties and try to avoid them. It is really not good to listen to such loud music, which can affect hearing and give headaches. I am more like a nature enthusiast person, and keen to listen to the nature songs like a bird chirping or waterfall sounds make my mood really pleasant and help to bring positivity.

Question 4:- What types of parties do people have?

Answer 1:- People need a reason to throw a small or big party. Birthday parties and new year’s eve parties are most common. Other parties include a Diwali party, success party, farewell party and many more. Now, after being influenced by foreign cultures, individuals throw Halloween parties and bachelorette parties.

Answer 2:- There are several kinds of parties nowadays, such as birthday parties, anniversary parties, family get together, success celebration parties, and farewell parties, to name a few. The most commonly celebrated occasion is new year’s eve as it is celebrated across the globe. Each party has different themes and intentions, so the style of celebration also varies, and people attending the party are always in a great mood.

Question 5:- Why are parties important?

Answer 1:- Parties are a significant change from the routine monotonous life. We can share our happiness with our near and dear ones. We get a chance to meet new people. Because of parties, people stay in touch with each other.

Answer 2:- As I said earlier, parties help uplift the mood, and several people get frequent burnout from their hectic schedules, so it is one of the convenient ways to recharge their batteries and rejuvenate themselves. Also, people tend to celebrate these things because they achieve some milestones in life, like a silver jubilee or golden jubilee of a marriage anniversary or career goals. In addition to this, parties bring people together to catch up, and it does help to maintain good interpersonal relations. Some parties are also beneficial to make networks in the business.

Question 6:- Do you think parties will become more popular in the future?

Answer 1:- Not really, parties were there in the past, too, and they will also remain in the future. How people enjoy parties now is different, which might also change in the future. For instance, people used to gather and enjoy meals at parties. Now people play games, dance to music and do many activities at parties.

Answer 2:- I think the party style can change over time, but parties are always popular, even in the previous or contemporary era. People have already started having house parties and theme parties to celebrate certain occasions. Probably, the distance created among people due to their different jobs or location would bring more people together to party and spend time together. Socializing is required, and parties are one of the best ways to do so.

Question 7:- Do people spend a lot of money on these parties in your country?

Answer 1:- Yes, Indians, while organizing a party, forget everything. Many people love to organize huge events. They think it represents their wealth. They keep multiple types of cuisines, do theme decorations, send fancy invitations and a lot more. Moreover, while doing this, sometimes they do things which are out of their budget.

Answer 2:- Yes, totally! People are encouraged to splurge as the parties’ arrangements have become very expensive. Nowadays, the public needs everything at the top, and the way parties are conducted is frequently compared with the people’s standard of living. The simple events are looked down upon by people, and the extravagant parties are considered to be top-notch. The event management team handles even the parties and looks after all the arrangements charging a pretty good amount for it. Hence, I feel everything is like show business, and people try to do this with the help of a lot of money.

Question 8:- What are the main reasons why people organise family parties in your country?

Answer 1:- In today’s fast-paced life, people usually need more time to meet each other. So once or twice a year, people organize family parties so that they can meet each other and have fun together. It is a way to maintain relations with extended family members.

Answer 2:- I believe the biggest reason would be that parties are an opportunity for the whole family to get together and spend time with each other. Some relatives stay in different cities or countries, and the meeting becomes quite a rare occasion. Also, people living in the same cities are busy with their lives and careers, so the situation is the same for them. There are also different occasions like wedding functions where families meet and enjoy their time together.

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