Describe a Person Who Impressed You Most when You Were in Primary School

Describe a person who impressed you most when you were in primary school

  • Who this person was
  • how you knew them
  • Why is person impressed you
  • how you feel about this person

Sample Answer of Describe a Person Who Impressed You Most when You Were in Primary School

I know many dedicated, diligent and great social workers, but here I would like to speak about a person who had impressed me when I was a child. He was none other than Mr Karamjit Singh. I knew this person when I took admission in a school, and his way of teaching, as well as a way of making the student understand, really impressed me.

Being a child, I had no good communication skills. Still, as soon as he started to teach me along with other students, I developed good communication skills, and I consider whatever I am today, it’s due to him. Because he always motivated me to overcome the false fear that I had developed for the foreign language. I burnt midnight oil under his guidance him, and now I can speak English fluently. In addition, he was a great social worker who motivated us to do some community work.

He used to take the whole class to help the local people, like cleaning the public Park as well as collecting the scatters from the public Park and throwing them into the trash bins. So by providing the small responsibilities, he had built affection for the community. Now, whenever I get a chance to help my community people, I always come forward to help them.

Besides, I like this personality because he has taught me in many ways. He had helped me in my academic career and in developing moral values that are declining in nowadays children. So I consider such type of persons can motivate the young learners to be good at study and behaviour. I felt proud that he had taught me, and if I got a chance to work in schools, I would definitely try to help the weak students in a similar way as he had taught me.

Sample Answer of Describe a Person Who Impressed You Most when You Were in Primary School

Well, in my primary school life, I have been influenced by many people, but my favourite one is history sir name of this is Ashwin Solanki. I like him because he was my school teacher and as well as my class teacher too. He is very educated about history, and deep down, he is a specialist in history. So while studying the sir explain all the things in AP, we all are very interested in history classes, and all of us attend all the class of sir.

Because of the knowledge of and teaching style of sir is very efficient and very beneficial so whenever I listen to him, I also got some motivational and I also got all the lights my clear so at the time was that he was my role model to so I impressed by so much at that time and in dip down he was a very kind and calm person, and whenever we do when we request him to tell the stories behind it he always covered the topic in the dept. Hence, why he was one of my favourites are in primary school.

Follow-ups of Describe a Person Who Impressed You Most when You Were in Primary School

Question 1:- Are kids happier than adults?

Answer 1:- Yes, kids are happier than others because kids are tension-free and do not take any tension. They play more and study less. They have no more responsibilities than adults. So they always feel cheerful.

Answer 2:- Yah kids usually appear than the others because they don’t have any responsibility, so they can play games without fear.

Question 2:- Why do people always miss their childhood?

Answer 1: –People always miss their childhood because now they don’t get time to do those childhood activities that they used to do in the past. In addition, as is ever said that childhood age is a golden age in everyone’s life. If adults want to make themselves tension free but they can’t make them because they have more responsibilities. So they consider that they had a very beautiful childhood and they always miss those Golden days.

Answer 2:- Because childhood is one of our Golden days so whenever if someone thinks about they feel nostalgic and feel jubilant

Question 3:- Why do people still remember many of their friends from primary school?

Answer 1:- Many people mostly miss their friends from primary school because they had spent a very good time with them. Many good bondings are attached to them. They have also studied with them to a certain class. So they miss them alot.

Answer 2:- Because they have a very deep bond with them and they feel happy while talking with them and childhood friend can be long last

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