Describe a Person Who Inspired You to Do Something Interesting

Describe a person who inspired you to do something interesting

  • Who is the person?
  • For what was he/she inspired?
  • Why was he/she inspired?
  • How did you feel about it?

Sample 1 Describe a Person Who Inspired You to Do Something Interesting

Well, inspiration works a lot. If a person is internally motivated, then it has supremacy over the inspiration that people get from others. I am also intrinsically motivated, but the motivation from my husband really improved my life.

He motivated me to do PHD. He knows well that I had a great flair to earn a doctorate degree, but due to some reasons, I couldn’t do it. But now he has inspired me to change my dreams, and with his inspiration, I am halfway through my degree, and in the near future, I will be able to get it.

So all this has happened due to the efforts of my husband. I really have great respect and love for him, as without him, I was not able to think about it. Now I feel over the moon because I am so close to my dream.

I think if people are motivated by others, then they can achieve anything which they want. So it’s a kind of medicine that not everyone is able to get. I am really thankful for this inspiration to my husband. He really made me feel confident about my dream.

Sample 2 Describe a Person Who Inspired You to Do Something Interesting

There are numerous people who motivate me to do different activities. But, here I would like to talk about a person who inspired me to attend classes of French. He is none other than my best friend. His name is Jagroop Singh. He has lived in Canada for the last four years.

I also want to go to Canada for my higher study when I talk to him about my plan. He recommended I learn French for a better future and job opportunities. As we know, French is the second language of Canada.

Moreover, I was so confused because it was difficult for me to learn a new language from basics, but he gave me his own example that he also learnt that language from basics and now he can write and speak confidently in French.

After that, he mentioned a tutor who provides French classes online at a very reasonable price. When I started that language, I was so nervous. Interestingly, after one month, I was able to communicate in French on basic topics.

I was thankful to my friend that he recommended me world’s best French tutor and encouraged me to do that language. Only because of him was I inspired to learn. Now, I also give coaching at the A1 level to students, and when someone praises me, I feel over the moon. I hope it will help me in my future life.

Sample 3 Describe a Person Who Inspired You to Do Something Interesting

The person who has inspired me to do something interesting is my high school English teacher, Mr Smith. He is the person who introduced me to the world of creative writing, and I have been writing stories and poems ever since.

Mr Smith was an excellent teacher who was always enthusiastic about literature and writing. He was passionate about teaching, and his classes were always engaging and inspiring. He encouraged us to read widely and to think critically about the texts we read. He also gave us writing prompts and encouraged us to write creatively, which I found incredibly liberating.

Mr Smith inspired me because he showed me that writing could be a powerful form of self-expression. He taught me that writing is not just about grammar and structure but also about creativity and imagination. His encouragement and guidance helped me to develop my writing skills and to discover my voice as a writer.

I remember feeling a sense of excitement and freedom whenever I was in Mr Smith’s class. His passion for writing was infectious, and I looked forward to his weekly classes. I loved the feeling of putting my thoughts and feelings down on paper and seeing them come to life.

Thanks to Mr Smith’s inspiration, I have continued to write over the years. I have written short stories, poetry, and even a novel. Writing has become an important part of my life, and I am grateful to Mr Smith for introducing me to this wonderful world of creativity.

In conclusion, Mr Smith is the person who inspired me to do something interesting, which is to write creatively. He was a great teacher who encouraged and guided me to develop my writing skills and discover my writing voice. Thanks to his inspiration, writing has become an important part of my life, and I will always be grateful to him for showing me the power of self-expression through writing.

Part 3 Questions Describe a Person Who Inspired You to Do Something Interesting

Question 1:- Who motivates children the most?

Answer 1:- Well, parents and teachers mostly motivate the children. It is because they spend most of their time with their parents or teachers, and their inspiration works a lot.

Answer 2:- From my perspective, teachers, as well as parents, both encourage children in different ways. Parents teach them how to behave with elders, how to help them, and other moral values, whereas teachers encourage them in their academics because they know well in which subject and activity a child is good.

Question 2:-How can teachers motivate children?

Answer 1:- Teachers motivate children by telling them the stories of successful people as well as drawing out the best in them and appreciating them in front of others for their good work.

Answer 2:- As I mentioned earlier, children spend most of their time with their tutors. They also like parents for children. Also, I think they can motivate them in academics. For example, if a child obtains a good mark, the teacher can give him/her a small gift like a pencil because it will also encourage other children to concentrate on study.

Question 3:-How is it different from teaching kids?

Answer 1:- It is totally different from teaching a kid. Like teacher has to use fingers to teach them counting, showing them pictures of objects to recognize. Moreover, need more energy and patience to teach a kid.

Question 4:-What should teenagers have?

Answer 1:- Teenagers should be motivated, and they must have the willingness to act upon the advice of others. Only then can they change their dreams.

Answer 2:- They should have a person to guide them because, at this age, the child can join bad groups like start taking drugs or drinking. Also, their mind distracts from their studies, and they give prioritize other things like parties, having a mobile phone, playing computer games and so on.

Question 5-What qualities make someone a role model?

Answer 1:- Well, a person’s dedication, hard work, patience as well as willingness really make a personal role model for others. People greatly influence by others by seeing such qualities, and they want to walk over their footprints.

Answer 2:- In order to become a role model, a person should have patience, quality of hard work, and be down to earth. Most important also motivate their fans to do positive things. A person should have the quality to help others.

Question 6:-Why should children learn from role models?

Answer 1:- Children should learn from their role models because they can follow them and learn valuable life lessons as role models have done great labour and have never quit any situation. So children will also do the same.

Answer 2:- When children learn from their role models. They can learn and be inspired easily because their role model is everything to them. They always prefer to copy their actions and their work. However, it is possible if a child has a positive role model, the child can pick up his/her habits.

Question 7:-Who can influence children more, teachers or parents?

Answer 1:- Parents and teachers can motivate children more because children spend a lot of time with their teachers at school, so they are influenced by their personality, and whatever their teachers say to them, they act upon their advice. While at home, they obey the commands of their parents and are influenced by their personalities. So both have a great impact on the life of their children.

Answer 2:- It really depends upon an age group of a child. Parental influence is stronger before children go to school because they spend most of their time with their parents, while when they join the school, their teacher influences them more because a tutor can guide them better for their future.

Question 8:-What kind of international news inspires people?

Answer 1:- Well, sports matches, recessions, and festivals inspired the people of any nation about others.

Answer 2:- There are different types of news which inspire people. Firstly, news related to different that how people from different cultures live together. Secondly, news about relations between different nations such as import and export business.
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