Describe a Time when You Get Money as A Gift

Describe a time when you get money as a gift

  • When did you receive it?
  • What did you do with it?
  • How did you feel about it?

Sample 1 Describe a Time when You Get Money as A Giftz

I remember receiving money as a gift on my 16th birthday. It was a special day for me, as I had been eagerly anticipating this milestone for many years. When I woke up that morning, I was greeted by my family members with a surprise birthday cake and gifts. One of the gifts was an envelope with cash inside, which my parents had given me as a gift.

At first, I was a little surprised to receive money as a gift, as I had been expecting more traditional gifts like clothes or electronics. However, as soon as I saw the amount of money inside the envelope, I was thrilled. It was a substantial sum, and I immediately began to think about all the things I could do with it.

I spent some time contemplating how to use the money in the most effective way possible. After giving it some thought, I decided to use the money to purchase a new laptop. As a student, I knew that having a reliable laptop was crucial for my studies, and my old laptop was starting to show signs of wear and tear. With the money from my birthday gift, I was able to buy a new laptop that met all of my needs and exceeded my expectations.

I felt incredibly grateful and fortunate to have received such a generous gift from my parents. Not only did it allow me to purchase a new laptop, but it also taught me the value of money and the importance of making wise financial decisions. It was a reminder that even small gifts can have a significant impact on our lives, and I felt grateful to have such a supportive and loving family.

Overall, receiving money as a gift was a memorable experience that taught me a lot about gratitude, responsibility, and financial literacy. It was a gift that I will always cherish and remember fondly.

Sample 2 Describe a Time when You Get Money as A Gift

Well, gifts make a person happy because these are tokens of love from others. I also received a gift, but it was not a product. It was money that was given to me by my uncle on my birthday. I didn’t want to take it but he insisted I accept it.

I was happy because I had been thinking about buying a dress and when I got it, I purchased a beautiful dress. I didn’t think to save it because a gift could remind me of the money my uncle gave me.

I felt very happy because Gifts in the form of money give the liberty of a person to buy anything of his or her choice. A person can save it or spend it on a rainy day.

I was happy that I used it to buy a dress; when I told my uncle, he was very happy. He really appreciated that I used the money wisely and didn’t waste it. So that was the time when I received money as a gift.

Sample 3 Describe a Time when You Get Money as A Gift

A gift always brings a smile to our faces whenever we receive it. Moreover, it shows our importance in others’ lives. Different types of gifts are given on different occasions as a token of blessings and love. I have also received many gifts so far on various occasions. On my last birthday, I received money as a gift from my elder brother.

I vividly remember that when I was in twelfth standard because, in my house, it is a tradition that everyone gets mobile after 12th standard. I wanted to buy a brand new smartphone for myself because the next year, I had to go to college. So I saved money for a few months so that I bought the smartphone.

My father gave me money on my birthday as a birthday gift. After the birthday party, my father and I went to the market and bought a smartphone for me. I was very happy to get mobile. The shopkeeper gave me a free earphones with my mobile phone because there was a scheme of free gifts when you bought something. I do many things on my mobile phone, such as doing assignments, chatting with friends, scrolling Instagram and watching videos on YouTube.

I am very grateful to my father for this token of love and care he had shown to me. He always understands my needs even if I don’t tell him. The gift was special for me, but the person who gave me this gift is the most special one.

Part 3 Questions Describe a Time when You Get Money as A Gift

Question 1:- Why do we like free gifts?

Answer 1:- We like free gifts because we have not paid for them, and sometimes free gifts are very useful because we can use them in our day-to-day life.

Answer 2:- Yes, definitely because it invokes a strong response in our minds. You are happy to get a free gift compared to buying something. A gift again comes free from someone on some special occasions, my birthday and festivals.

Question 2:- Why do restaurants and shopping centres give free gifts?

Answer 1:- Restaurants and shopping centres give free gifts because they want to enhance their sales. If they don’t give free gifts, people will not be interested in going there. It’s a kind of strategy to attract customers, and reluctantly people buy whenever they visit.

Answer 2:- The present scenario has a large number of competition among the different businessmen, so it’s just a strategy to attract customers with different free gift schemes. They think that by these types of schemes, customers visit again and again.

Question 3:- Do freebies really turn into motivation for customers to revisit?

Answer 1:- Yes, it really works because people will visit again and again, and sometimes, when they become regular customers, they get a hefty bonus for purchasing some items. These things are also helpful for businesses because people motivate others to buy from the same site they have been buying from.

Answer 2:- Yes, many times, it leaves an alluring impression on customers and visitors to visit the same shop again and do shopping from there.

Question 4:- Can the excess of free gifts have a negative impact too?

Answer 1:- Yes, it has a negative impact as people will become addicted to spending more money to buy unnecessary gifts. Resultantly people can become paupers.

Answer 2:- Yes, obviously, because too much distribution of free gifts creates doubt in the mind of customers. In this case, the strength of the genuine customers might be affected adversely.

Question 5:- Is it important for children to have the right attitude towards money?

Answer 1:- Yes, children must be taught by their parents to value money. It is also good for their future because they will not spend money on unnecessary items. They will value the money and don’t need to depend on others for this survival.

Answer 2:- Yes, absolutely children should have the right attitude towards money because kids should know about the importance of money. Also, they know how to earn money so that this habit continues in the future when they start working and earning.

Question 6:- Is it important to teach children how to manage their pocket money?

Answer 1:- Yes, it is vital for the children to use their pocket money wisely because they will be experts in money management and can spend it on usable items. In the future, one day, when they are doing a job, they will not spend their whole salary at a time. Instead, they will keep it for a hard time.

Answer 2:- Yes, it’s very important for children. In that way, they know the value of money from a young age, which will help them become financially stable later on in life.

Question 7:- What do you think of the saying; love of money is the root of all evil?

Answer 1:- Yes, if people love too much money, they become greedy, and due to their greed, they forget about their relationships, loyalty and affection. Sometimes, they even kill a person in order to earn money.

Answer 2:- Yes, although money gives us a chance to live a luxurious life if we think money separates us from our loved ones. As ever, money is the root of all evil because people can do anything for money in the present generation.

Question 8:- What kind of occasions require people to send money as gifts?

Answer 1:- People send money as gifts on birthdays, anniversaries, marriages and at any social gatherings. They think there is no other gift as important as giving money because people can buy anything with that money and use it according to their needs.

Answer 2:- Most in India, Occasions like birthdays, weddings, congratulating someone on the birth of a baby, and some other such occasions require people to send money as gifts.

Question 9:- In your country, do parents give children money for doing housework?

Answer 1:- Many parents give their children money for doing homework, but others argue that if children are given money, they will not work hard. They will try to buy anything with money and will not have value for the emotions of others. Giving money work for a temporary time. Indirectly it will make a child stubborn.

Answer 2:- No, in India, people do not give money for household chores as they think that it’s the responsibility of kids to do that work. Although, parents give pocket money to their kids for their daily expenses.
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