Describe A Person Who Likes to Travel by Plan

Describe a person who likes to travel by plane: You should say:

  • Who this person is?
  • How do you know this person?
  • Where this person travels to?
  • Explain why this person likes to travel by plane?

Sample 1

I’d love to talk about someone who always travels by plane, that is my sister, Joy. She is the oldest of all my siblings, and she is a businesswoman who runs three businesses in three cities in Nigeria and also a boutique in Nairobi.

Joy travels to all these three cities on a weekly basis to oversee her businesses. She sells fabrics for all occasions, ages and gender, and she owns a boutique in Nairobi as well.

She loves to travel by plane because it’s the fastest mode of transportation and it’s also super safe and convenient.

Compared to the road, planes rarely crash, and although crashes could be fatal, it’s still way preferable to other means of transporting goods across. The deplorable state of the roads, especially during the rainy season, makes it difficult for goods to get to the desired destination and at the desired time. There is also the problem of insurgency and many reported cases of kidnapping in recent times across the country, which has made business owners wary of travelling by road. These are the reasons why joy prefers to fly to other cities for her business instead of patronizing other means.

Sample 2

Well, many peoples like to travel by plane due to many reasons, and today I would like to talk about my senior in my working company. He is a very calm nature person, and he is from the  Northside of India, which is Himachal Pradesh.

I had first met him when I went to my company for an interview perspective, and he is an interviewer. For the general discussion part, we have shared many of our personal life stories to know our passion and hobbies.

He is travelling to his native place by trains and plane only, and the reason to like travel by plane is the time consumption difference by both of them. By plane, he can reach his home in 2 hours, but in case of the train, he has to change 3 trains and took more than 12 hours to reach his home destination.

As he is working in Ahmedabad, he will only travel back home on special occasions like festivals or functions at his home or for some personal reasons.

Follow-ups of Describe a Person Who Likes to Travel by Plan

Question 1:- Which are the benefits and drawbacks of travelling by plane?

Answer 1:- There are many benefits of travelling by plane, and it is safe, it is convenient, it is fast, there are rarely accidents on air, no traffic, no hoodlums, and if you book on time, the fares are cheaper. However, the drawbacks are: not everyone can afford to fly because of financial constraints. The weather forecast may lead to the cancellation of a flight which may affect one’s itinerary for the day. One could lose out on a mega business deal or an important meeting which could be frustrating because of the weather.

Answer 2:- The major benefit of travelling by plane is time-saving along with a comfortable and crowd-free travelling experience. Besides, there are drawbacks are higher ticket rates, and sometimes flights may delay due to atmospheric conditions such as typhoons and heavy rain.

Question 2:- Is it great to live nearby an airport?

Answer 1:- Absolutely, In a big city like Lagos and Abuja with millions of residents which brings about everyday traffic, it is a good idea to live close to the airport so an individual wouldn’t lose his or her flight, considering the fact that one can never tell how much traffic there is, at a particular time.

Answer 2:- From my point of view, I would not like to live nearby to the airport as the airport engine sounds noisier which can cause our ear disease too.

Question 3:- Do Indian people love to travel by plane?

Answer 1:- Yes, Indians love to travel by plane; I heard the fares are cheaper there. They also love to travel by train a lot too.

Answer 2:- It depends on the place to go. If it is a short destination, then people prefer cars to planes, and for the longer destination, they love to travel by plane. However, for some areas travelling by trains gives an awesome experience too.

Question 4:- What types of transportation do people choose when they go on a long trip?

Answer 1:- Most people love to go by plane, and others love road trips, especially adventure trips and school trips. Heavy travellers prefer to travel by train because of the weight of their goods and luggage.

Answer 2:- The main common transportation which people have is travelling by car, bus, trains, plane or boat. For long trips, the main selection is being travelled by train or plane to enjoy their trip.

Question 5:- Would you prefer to travel in your own car in the future?

Answer 1:- I love to drive, but not for long distances. If it’s a weekend cruise or leisure time with my friends, I will opt for a road trip because it will be fun, mostly during weekends and holidays.

Answer 2:- Yes, as travelling in someone’s car is not free as your own one. We can stop anywhere and go anywhere if we have our own car.

Question 6:- What sorts of people travel by aeroplane in India?

Answer 1:- Politicians and celebrities in India love to travel by plane because it’s safer and faster, families travel by plane too, light travellers also prefer planes for long distances too.

Answer 2:- The main people are businessmen, filmstar, politicians and foreigners. These are the main traveller in India.

Question 7:- Are you pleased with the service on the plane in India?

Answer 1:- Although I have never been to India and I haven’t experienced their services first hand, but I think it should be okay else many people will not be travelling by planes.

Answer 2:- Of course, I have travelled by plane many times, and still today, I found no major service issues rather than stay conditions if the flight is getting delayed due to some reason.

Question 8:- Why do some people just dislike aviation?

Answer 1:- Maybe because they have a phobia for height, and many people who are claustrophobic do not like to fly because they may experience a heart attack. People who can’t afford certain things are known to dislike them naturally. Therefore, some people who have never flown as a result of poor finances and can’t buy themselves a ticket may condemn it.

Answer 2:- Many people are afraid of travelling by plane due to storms, and some dislike it as it hurt the bird life cycle and many time, many birds get hit by a plane, and in this case, birds getting die the bird hit also cause unbalancing of an aeroplane.

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