Describe a Person Who Smartly Solved a Problem

Describe a person who smartly solved a problem. You should say

  • Who is this person?
  • What was the problem?
  • How did he/she solve it?
  • And explain why you think he/ she did it in an intelligent way.

Sample 1 Describe a Person Who Smartly Solved a Problem

Solving a problem is a skill that everyone doesn’t have. I have come across such people who are really good problem solvers. They make a way in difficult situations and do not hesitate to make quick decisions.

Here I am going to talk about my friend. He is an excellent problem solver. His name is Neil, and his father works in the automobile industry. He has good knowledge of the automobile industry. He has shown great passion for cars and bikes.

Recently I was travelling with my father and my car broke down in the middle of the road, and there was no mechanic to repair my car. I decided to call my friends for help. When I described the problem to him in detail, he came to us and inspected our car and found some problems with the car plugs, so he removed all plugs and cleaned them properly.

After he installed them properly and told me to start my car, surprisingly, my car immediately started, and it was running so smoothly. I definitely believe he is a great problem solver and always ready to help.

He simply identified the problem in minutes, and he told me the reason was rainwater that went inside the engine was the reason for the breakdown.

Sample 2 Describe a Person Who Smartly Solved a Problem

People face different problems to survive in this world. Everyone has their own problems. Some are faced work regarding problems, and some are study-related problems.

Today I would like to speak about that day when I was in 10 standards. I had a problem with Maths subject. I want to solve one sum that my teacher gives.

I was distraught because I had no solution to solve this. After one hour, I decided that called to my friend Kanwal Preet. She is very nice and intelligent. I discussed my problem with her. she told me to search for this query on the internet. She told me on YouTube proper lectures are given.

I started searching on the internet by using my mother’s phone. There are a lot of videos available regarding my query. I was delighted because I completed my work within fifteen multitalented minutes.

I was really thankful to Kanwal Preet for giving me a piece of better advice. I felt glad. I thought that she was very smart because I didn’t know this method of solving difficulties.

Part 3 Questions Describe a Person Who Smartly Solved a Problem

Question 1:- Do you think children are born intelligent or do they learn to become smart?

Answer 1:- Nobody in the world is born smart. People learn different things from their surroundings and parents; friends also influence children. Even by observing, children become smart. Experience makes children more intelligent, though.

Answer 2:- Children are not born smart .parents and teachers are making efforts to make their children smart .they provide various platforms to show their smartness. All things that make our children smart and intelligent learn from school.

Question 2:- How do children become smart at school?

Answer 1:- Children participate in academic and extracurricular as well as sports, and this participation makes them innovative. While doing activities, they work hard, pay attention, lead a team, and communicate with others at different levels, so this results in making them leaders and intelligent kids.

Answer 2:- Well, experienced staff make our kids bright in school. They make our children confident and intelligent. Students learn different things from school that are more helpful to survive in this world. They give better training to achieve success.

Question 3:- Why are some people well-rounded and others only good at one thing?

Answer 1:- They communicate very well and get along with others. They even try many things, so they become well-rounded and successful in many fields. While one keeps themselves reserved, they are masters of their area only.

Answer 2:- Well, I think confidence is paramount for performing all rounding .lacke of confidence makes people only one thing. So we should need to encourage our kinder.

Question 4:- Why does modern society need talent of all kinds?

Answer 1:- Modern society is evolving fast. There is progress in every field, so people need multiple talents to grow and become successful. Each and every field requires changes and advancements, and creativity has opened doors to many areas, so modern society needs all kinds of talent.

Answer 2:- in the competitive Era, competition is more demanding. Everybody does a lot of hard work to achieve their goal. They try to learn everything .so; that’s why multifaceted people are demanded in society.

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