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Describe a Person Who Solved a Problem in A Smart Way: Speaking

Describe a Person Who Solved a Problem in A Smart Way Speaking

Describe a Person Who Solved a Problem in A Smart Way. You Should Say

Sample 1: Describe a Person Who Solved a Problem in A Smart Way: Speaking

Well, I know many people who are very clever and have solved many kinds of problems with their cunningness. Here, I would like to speak about a person who is none other than my bosom friend.

She helped me to mend my dress. It was a week before I purchased a beautiful dress to wear on my birthday, and I got up the next day to iron it. I kept the iron on the cloth and started to attend phone calls.

When I wore it, I was amazed to see a big hole in the front of the dress. I felt sad because I had spent a lot of money on that dress. So it was such a kind of situation that I could not throw it outside.

Suddenly, I thought to call my friend, and she told me she would mend it. She made a beautiful flower with different colours of ribbons, and it looked so stunning that no one could imagine that it was recently made; when I wore it, I thought it was incomplete without a flower on the front side of the dress.

So, handmade flowers made it more stylish. I think she did it so cleanly that no one can guess it has been recently made. Very few people have this kind of art.

Also, she solves any problem easily and never loses her heart in front of difficulties. That was a problem that I faced, and my friend gave me a clever solution and made me stress-free.

Sample 2: Describe a Person Who Solved a Problem in A Smart Way: Speaking

I met many people who are very smart and very intelligent. Some of them are very young, and many of them are older because older people have more experience in life.

So here I would like to talk about a person that I admire and who is very intelligent and also solved a problem that our family member had. It was about our budget at my brother’s wedding.

In my culture, elders and family members come to one place and decide everything at a particular wedding. We decide what we will do based on our budget.

There was some problem with the money we needed to spend on a menu for the wedding, so my family member was very confused about which item to select in a range of fries.

So my father selected a very good item in our range because of knowledge about the word and that field, and because of his business person, he can easily solve it.

There are many types of incidents like this that my father sold, so I can see he is very intelligent without any degree because my father does not have any higher education.

Follow-up Questions: Describe a Person Who Solved a Problem in A Smart Way: Speaking

Question 1: Do You Think Children Are Born Smart, or Do They Learn to Become Smart?

Answer 1:- Well, intelligence can be acquired, and it is not inherent, so children can be smart by using their logic and techniques. For example, when students appear in exams to do objective-type questions. Even though they had not read that material with their logic, they found the right answers. So that move can show their smartness.

Answer 2:- I think some children have an IQ, so they are born with smartness, and they learn fast compared to children with a low IQ. Children who dare to believe that he or she can learn anything can learn everything because of their confidence. With courage, any child can learn anything, and I can say interest is also important, so children who have an interest in adequate things will learn.

Question 2: How Do Children Become Smart at School?

Answer 1:- Children become smart at school by adopting some techniques, sharpening their memory, and using their logic. Various kinds of quiz competitions also help them become smart.

Answer 2:- In schools, children learn everything from their teacher, who can teach knowledge about academics as well as real life. Also, in school, they have friends who can help them learn something new, and the more they interact with the new people, the more they can learn.

Question 3: Why Are Some People Well-Rounded and Others Only Good at One Thing?

Answer 1:- Well, it depends on their capabilities. Some people have good IQ levels, while others don’t. They are all-rounders because they use all their senses and knowledge. On the other hand, other people aren’t interested in all spheres of life. They are naturally bound to one area, and it might be a sports education, etc.

Answer 2:- Some people are very curious to learn everything they see, and with their curiosity, they will master these vertical skills. As for other people, they only focus on one particular skill because they only focus on achieving their goal.

Question 4: Why Does Modern Society Need Talent of All Kinds?

Answer 1:- Modern society needs talent of all kinds because society faces a lot of problems that are not only related to one’s particular area, so if society would have experts like technicians, engineers, doctors, and nurses, then it could get the services of all of them and make it a better place to live in.

Answer 2:- In this dynamic era, every sector needs to be developed, so all people need to be very skilled so they can support them. If one sector is left behind, the chain of this world will be broken and will affect the future. In modern society, all kinds of people are skilled and physically fit.

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